Thursday, December 11, 2008

Economics, Money and things to consider!

Yeap, off late everyone is buzzing around with money talk and how to make ends meet when the we face the financial crunch. However I note that, Malaysian politicians are very positive about the economics of the country.

Truly wonder if they had their facts right or just another shooting off their mouth session. Looking around me, here in Europe, I can see the crunch being effected. People are spending less (mind you its christmas season!) and if they have to they spend on their children and not on themselves.

In London, for example, its total sale. They have dropped the price with further discount but people were not buying or swiping their cards. Well from where my girlfriend and I stood, like us, many were window shopping. When there were purchases, it was for their kids or necesities. I kept converting my pounds to ringgit and honestly, it was sad to part with money and some were very good buys! Had to resist!!

In Dubai, on the other hand, people were spending!! Yes this new world, artifical to me though, people were stinking with money. Yes, oil rich, they can. They drive around with big cars throwing money with parties, nite clubs at Atlantic and The Palm! The exchange rate just a few cents difference to us. Made me wonder why the middle eastern go crazy buying things in Malaysia as they too have everything, every name it they have it! On the sad end, there were many too, whom are there for money, earning it the hard way!

In Italy, now this one, you can see the par difference. There are a bunch of people finding every means to get 1 euro. Yes, like Malaysia, you have beggars, and not so much like Malaysia, you have vagebonds. They go around house to house or stations carrying a baby trying to make money (fast) instead of earning for it. Much like some parts of India and Indonesia come to think of it. It irks me and I am sorry but I never give them money. Economics here too fast going down like many european counterparts. Their PM, largely controls the TV media, and entertains the public with nonsense so they won´t actually worry about meaningful things!

Then you watch the news on BBC/Skynews and see places like Greece with its massive riots which infact will do no good to the economy of the country. People don´t seem to mind! They have to bring their corrupt government to a stand still and oust their PM apparently.

Truly made me think, yes Malaysia does sound more like paradise, but this paradise will vanish soon (no timeframe) if our government keep sweeping problems under the rug. Sad yes, but true. It scares me to think if people are suppressed, the result will be devasting! Devasting both to its economy and its people. The last time I saw paradiso Malaysia, people were spending money like like water and must say some were more frugal. As for me, I just thank god I have another day to see sunshine, rain and breath freshness...and yes worry that our savings are safe!

Well, if I don´t get to a nearest internet cafe before x´mas and year end, don´t wish to leave this blog so grey!,

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful new Year! May the New Year bring new beginings to all of US.

P/S forgive me if there any spell errors, the spell check went kaput on me!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Signboards and politics

Azalina: Don't politicise tourism signboard issue reported in The Malaysian Insider, Mon Nov 24.

Well looks like Azalina is at it again, now its the road signage well the smaller ones.....however there is another signboard of a BIG kind from Tourism Dept that has been confusing me for a long while (since she took over the ministry actually).The signboards you see around the highways and by-ways with her face and Badawi's plus Najib's.

This is a no-brainer. Why have their faces on a TOURISM SIGNBOARD?? So not DUH la.

I have no understanding what these three people got to do with beautiful tourist destinations in Malaysia?

By the way, when Najib takes over as PM, you will have to replace the boards..yes or no? The cost again will be incurred....and lets say the Najib stint is short-lived, then what, change again thus incurring more COST. Why are you people so fixated to SPEND MONEY instead of SAVING as the world is riding into recession? Io non capisco!

This is why we should have more well educated people on board of our government boat. So far we have no-brainers.

By the way, I will try and get a picture of a signboard to adorn my weblog....

They never cease to amuse us, these no-brainers.....

Boun giorno!

Monday, November 24, 2008

If you gonna ban things do it RIGHT.

Sensationalized news on the FATWA banning the yoga has become every one's conversation piece today.

I was at my hair dresser today when a few of us were talking about it. My stylist a Malay lady actually was not happy about it. She didn't see any harm in practicing yoga so long she doesn't do anything that's uncomfortable for her. Her faith is strong and not yoga or anything was gonna shake her faith. Well my sentiments exactly.

If you have a strong and sound faith, why are you so frightened that an exercise may shake it? Now if we are to question that, we will be thrown in prison with no chance of a trial.

If the counsel was so into it, then please do things right. There are so many gays out there, even we have our celebrity chef who is gay. Kindly issue a fatwa on that. Please also go the shopping malls where there are so many gays working as fragrance and cosmetics sales person.

When you garland someone, now that is an Indian tradition....why do that? Kindly issue a FATWA on that too.No Muslims are to be garland.

I am not criticising the FATWA but I think the whole issue has been totally mutilated. Why after so long this came about? Why?

Sigh........are we going back many steps when we are suppose to be moving forward.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cat Fight!

So these two are gonna meet in the arena. Now i bet the tickets for this fight are all sold out! LOL...exclusive for UMNO-putra only OK!

Well whatever, their agenda behind fighting for the TOP post in the women's division is very clear - not much different from their counter-part of the opposite sex -Men's division. They have to enrich their purse strings before they are booted out (or not).

Rafidah wants to stay another 3 years if she wins, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Has anyone of them, both women and men in UMNO camp ever thought about the people they are suppose to be representing? A LOUD NO!

Actually to be fair, same for all the component parties of BN- MIC/MCA are no better too.

At the end, we the innocent rakyat are the victim of these 'fights', 'secret agendas' and etc.

The day they put the country 1st in their will be dooms-day in Malaysia!!! One thing for sure, they paid extra attention in politic-class of theirs where their Professor was none other than Mahathir himself! He taught them VERY well. BRAVO!

Hmmm...not to sound so bias, even our new opposition had some classes from the Professor. There are some oldies like DAP/PAS who are the rebels in class.

Entertainment year 2009 for Malaysia! Azalina.....maybe you can promote this for your tourism la.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amazing A-Musings

As much as I hate reading the MSMs, today i actually clicked and was reading some amusing stuff.

1st - being Mahathir ; he is going to reveal the names of his so-called cronies who are involved in money politics. Quote (from star)" He said he was willing to be sued for defamation and even risk arrest by the authorities because he was not afraid to expose the truth and the identities of such errant members. “I can’t do anything about the complaints except to hand these over to the Umno disciplinary committee. I will put these names up in my blog.
“I am not afraid of being sued for libel or being arrested by the police. If they can release (blogger and Malaysia Today editor) Raja Petra Kamarudin, won’t they also be able to release me as well?” he said in his dialogue with a group of Umno members and leaders, ex-ministers and Malay student groups at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here yesterday

Ahhhhhhhh....he should know he started it in the 1st place. Why do people like him never learn ah? As i mentioned on my previous post, sudah lah orang tua, masa you sudah UP.

2nd Mr Bollywood not coming; Shah Rukh is not able to come and receive his Datukship. After all the ding-dongs, the state officials of Melaka still wants to try and post-poned the dates to make it convenient for MR BOLLYWOOD! Wah sooo like that ah. So hard up lah Malaysia. Just post it to HIM LA!!! Habis cerita! Wasting rakyat's funds!!!! Errr..maybe the fella who mooted this idea, Daim Zainuddin and his 'jalra' the CM, would like to act in bollywood with all these hot babes! Siapa tau?

3rd.....Our recently released jail-bird, Razak, has defended his best friends non involvement in the Altantuya case. He said that Najib has not met her, even Rosie too don't know her. Well Razak, only GOD knows la. So by any chance does Razak (also the other one) know where our famous PI went missing?

Out of curiosity, can anyone is sundry get access to C4 explosives? Hmmm..this is one case that has all of us puzzled. WHO DID IT???? Who gave the Ok sign, WHOOOOOOOOOO????

Aiya Razak, btw, why you running to London to do whatever study? Do-la in Malaysia, we have the 'best of the best' universities and why waste money. In one comment he said he might stay back if he gets a cushy job as PM in UK! hahahaha.....ok brits, watch out one jailbird coming ur way!

4th...Azalina our tourism queen is fuming! LOL she is ON FIRE!!! Why??? Cos her ministry is being mean her ministry's subsidiary - 'tangan' is being investigated. She went on to talk 'cock' - like all her comrades in UMNO - that Pempena was involved in dubious deals! Aiyoooooo another one shooting her foot off! Its her ministry yes or not? If the boss don't know then how? By the way....she is on defense mode. Wonder who got the contract to replace all the wonderful tourism signboards you see on the highways and bi-ways with her face with the other two. Who's in-law or father, brother??? As usual no-one will know.

Others.....not so worth your time la. The usual MSM nonsenses.

Another joke-filled day in the LALA-LAND.

Bouna giornata!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DR. M and his fued with Zaid....Ex-Gratia Payment

Out of curiosity, today I read, our 'wonderful' ex-PM's blog. I was laughing so much and thinking to myself, this man truly has balls to come out and criticised the ex-Gratia payment made to the judges he sacked. Hmmm.....what do they call these type of people?

Then he goes on saying how Zaid, with his firm got lucrative business and how Zaid benefited from NEP. Yes...and you (DR M) didn't benefit anything being PM, your children didn't benefit anything from it too?? Aiyoo so paavem la he!

He earned RM240k per annum as a PM. With such money he manage to live so luxuriously, own god knows how many palaces, mansions and estates in and out of the country and not to mention monies stashed in overseas banks. Hey he is SO BEGGING to be investigated by ACA....but our ACA is not an independent body - they cannot go against their former master leh!

This truly a joker la. What even balled me over is the comments posted on the subject. Aiyoo a*se-carrying to the tilt you will see, man! Where do these people come from???? No wonder we still have such a low opinion of general Malay-sians! (Note the hyphen).

Are we that STUPID ah? Does he think we the younger generation are THAT STUPID?? TATA, stop your bickering and start 'enjoying' whats left of your life...hey you are in your 80s! Unless you have some major 'help' to stay until 100 over....just enjoy your last few years LA!!!!

However I don't see that happening as his puppets are going up the stage next year. We are going to be kept entertained by his puppets in POWER! Next year we can have banners reading, Malaysia - 'Fairy Tale' Land of ASIA!!!Yee-Hah... hey wonder if Najib can be Pinocchio...then we can know when he lies (errrr....carpenters out-there you have recurring job!)

Long live the 'Dragon-king'!!!!!!!!!!!!errrrghhhh!! Are there any strong Dargon-slayers out there???)))))))))

Sunday, October 26, 2008

HAPPY DIWALI.....The Light still flickers!

A Very Happy Diwali to all.

May the day and the rest of the days of many years to come,be lit with flickers of light, hope and humbleness. Not forgetting all the blessings of GOD AL MIGHTY!

There are some families mourning the loss of their loved ones or even missing their loved ones (like the families of ISA-ed Malaysians), May they also have faith that the light will shine upon them and bless them with love, courage, patience and many more happiness.

Have a truly blessed Diwali.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What is happening?

As you are all aware, these last couple of weeks have been truly interesting and infuriating for many of us in Malaysia.

What with the 3 detained in ISA and only 2 released leaving Pete still in detention plus the turmoil within UMNO and its presidency and not forgetting Anwar's promises.

One can only shake the head and sigh heavily. As for me, I am amazed at what lengths our wonderful UMNO bosses go to retain their POWER SEAT as this Presidency seat automatically makes the incumbent the Prime Minister of this country. We the Rakyat have no power to elect our PM, only UMNO-ites can do that. Only they can elect their President and this guy then becomes the PM. How odd yea?

If one asks why then we are subjected to ISA or detained under sedition act. Such law only makes the Rakyat more angrier and to demand an answer. However due to their 'Bossy" attitude, the Rakyat will be left in the dark and have to accept whom the UMNOites decides to elect as their President and subsequently as our PM.

He may be a sleepyhead, a YES man, a crook, a racist, a pariah, a murderer, a wise man (errr....sorryla so far none in candidacy), a man who respects all and sundry (the multi-national rakyat) (ok this also none) and the list goes on, we have to accept.

Why are we not like other countries where we can elect our PM ah? I mean yes we have the GE and that only decides which party rules the Government however looking at the trend its always been BN and its major player being UMNO and its supremacy; they hold all power and absolute power to this country's well being.

Thus far, the POWER has been misused, abused, ridiculed and worst of all led to arrogant way of handling matters of this country and its people. We had 20 plus years of that rule and another 4 plus years of ignorance and god knows how many more of plundering years to go on.

Is there NO END? We can only pray and pray very hard that we get some change in this country. How and when is still a question mark. Whether Anwar or by some miracle the new UMNO president has a change of heart (major heart transplant would be required here looking at the situation) we shall have to brave it.

The younger generation whom are looking at them(UMNO-BN/PKR), they shall be brought up with a mindset that they can (when older) rule the country as they wish - as being done currently. Consequence be damned.

Malaysia.....good luck you need it and more.

As for Anwar and his promises, whether its a reality or not, only time can tell. When it happens then its major history in making. We shall not venture into that sector yet.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today I spent reading some comments and also contributed to some at Susan's blog site. There was this chap..'Bola Hangus' who twigged me with his comments. He had the heated fire ball in him (very apparent in his writings) that kept lashing out at anyone whom made comments. He never failed and kept at it..he even called himself 'laser'.

Sometimes i too get heated up when i read comments that are disturbing. Recent events here (in Malaysia) has seen many of us in this situation. One of the many too got banish for 3 years. Some have a rawer deal and been detained under ISA and there are other like us...blogging it and fearless to what the repercussion maybe.

MCMC banned one blog/website...god knows why but they did and today was told to lift the ban.

Is it wrong to speak ones mind? Is it wrong to ask questions? I was told by teachers and parents alike to ask as many questions i want (even now!). Is it also wrong to speak one's mind then if one wish to voice their opinion? What a complex world we live in.

In Malaysia, this freedom to speak yet limited access to it only came by after Mahathir's resignation. Even he is enjoying the blogsphere now! One good thing AAB did was to open this option to us Malaysians...late but still we are here.

Lets use the blog for right reasons and be more 'open-minded' when commenting but I must say this - please leave vulgarity on the doorstep before you enter into this sphere.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Najib's Cry for Support??!! HUMBUG!

Courtesy of MalaysiaKini....

Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN
Aug 19, 08 10:48am
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made a plea to the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh - come back to the Barisan Nasional's fold.

BN is up to no good yet again! This only happens during elections when they realize that they need the Indians and Chinese to make the majority. WHY NOW????? What BN via him dangles..Scrap Metal License for indians and other stuffs for Chinese...oh and by the way they gave 'Datukship' to Lee CW for his silver medal in Olympics.

Truly...tell us one good reason why we have to vote for BN this by-election in PP? You guys have been slip-sliding recently with administration of the country and mocking the judicial system and all these laughable accusations thrown at opposition party.

Actually in all good admin system, there should always be check and balance. However if BN wins...sorry la these checks and balances shall never appear in our Country. They make check...and unbalance it as they have been doing for these 51 years. The prove being the state our country is run.

I just hope and pray that these Indians and Chinese in PP are not bought over by these so called 'goodies' BN is throwing out and not to mention the Malays too.

By the way why only 3 ceramah of oppositions have been approved whilst BN got 7 approved? Err...why ah? Why not give half-half? Why are they so frightened?

My greatest wish that opposition wins... PKR and not PAS. Somehow just don't trust PAS, as, if they win they might just forge an alliance with BN and give it back to BN! Hey that can happen whose to say NO?

Aiyaaaa.....politics so dirty and they have the dirtiest people playing it in our Country. They gamble on our tax-payers money and their stakes are high. Its our lives and our future (all and sundry) they are gambling with.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some Good Movie Reviews

Hahahahaha a friend of mine send me this absolute good movie banners. Check it out...

I like the BadBoys.....
Well enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

BN and its follies!

I don't know whether to laugh or get so embarrassed with BN's tactics.

Latest saga - on the car issue (Trgn buying MBenz for their Co-Execs)

KUALA TERENGGANU: The state government has defended the purchase of 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials.

Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said said the state government had planned to purchase the cars for a long time now to replace its Proton Perdana V6 Executive fleet in a move to cut cost.
“Please understand that the Proton Perdanas go through continuous long-distance journeys. It’s costing us a lot of money due to high cost of maintenance.
“We are not saying that the national car is not good but in reality we are coughing up more money for maintaining the Proton Perdanas, particularly the gear boxes,” he said.
Ahmad cited the example of the Proton Perdana of state Commerce, Industry and Environment committee chairman Toh Chin Yaw, which has twice undergone expensive repairs costing RM50,000 within 36 months.
“In the long run, Mercedes cars are cheaper to maintain and could also save us fuel costs.
“This is the state’s long-term plan – we are farsighted. The cars could also fetch a high market price, when sold as second-hand cars.
“We studied all angles before deciding to buy the Mercedes E200 cars,” he added

Yes and that's why they need MBenz..but how about the poor people in Terengganu?? Why spent so much money on cars when they can on infra-based projects (not that it would not start another BN - based corruption cycle somewhere!!)

They have the cheek to say all these and more!!!! You mean to say they can't buy lets say a Honda or Toyota (all within RM130k) instead of spending something like RM300k on 1 car! Lets do simple maths ok...14 cars multiply RM150k equals RM2.1mil..wah that can go fund a school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No No No No No No ..cannot must have Merc if not maruah jatuh...blah blah!!!

JOKERS to the 1st Degree!!!

Now BN you have never learnt and will ever learn from the mistakes you keep doing over and over again!

Sad...your rakyats are never your priority..we take the back seats compared to cushioning 'your-kind' la!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So whats next??

Okay we have had (and still having) our full day with Malaysiakini...incidentally, I am so happy we have at least this site to get 'proper' undoctored news. (Hmm....another interesting topic to chat about!) Whats our so intelligent PDRM's and Gov's next move?

Yea..even Raja Petra is not spared. His arrest was on the grounds of defamation. If Rosmah is not suing RP why is there so much hubla? Why arrest this man unless there is something to hide la. Hmmm....conspiracy theory 2* Maybe they found out (with their so brainy Intl Unit) that RP has his evidence of the so called involvement was gonna come out with wham..lets shut this fella up before it gets out* Theory only ah...

Honest to sick i am with all these happenings it portrays Malaysia as a JOKE. Get me no wrong, yes we have these things happening in other countries too (no doubt about it) but the way its handle...all stinks high heaven of corruption and mismanagement of the highest order.

Your guess is as good as mine....whats next BN,PDRM,.....????? Anxiously awaiting.......

Monday, July 14, 2008

Malaysia Terrorized?

Yeah, all KLites and counterparts would have been screaming mad today morning! I sure was. Not only was i late, I was burning fuel sitting in the blinking jam, which is precious commodity these days!!!!

Sigh....all for what? Cos someone, over-zealous authority of our wonderful gomen suddenly thinks that we are on national threat by 1!!!! man. DUH big TIME LA!!

Either we have lost it (our system) or they like usual try to use this is as an excuse to cause chaos (using us citizens as alibi es). Bloody lame if you ask me.

Home Affairs looked smug today as he gave statement and apologises, yea brother but our fuel was burning and then folks who took the public transport had a raw deal too!

We have turned into a country whose government is now scared off its own citizen. Wallah!!!

Jokes aside, have we truly gone beyond it? So this man (AI) is calling you (Govt/BN)bluff and this is how you react? Go around shutting roads,pulling off people at curb sides like some gangster-thugs?

Oh Malaysia...what have you become??? Oh What have you become?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All Things gone crazy

Hey people!

Well with whats happening to this country, I won't be suprise if our blogsites will soon be 'disrupted' due to technical glitch...yeah you know what i mean. It happened to one famous blog site but maybe mine ain't that famous la.

Been reading 'Malayskini' online and honestly, I do not and have not trusted the MSM for sometime now. So my source of proper news is online via MK and off course my fav blogsites, sloone, kit and niamah.

Yesterday our wonderful sleepy PM started pointing fingers to bloggers and wagged it hard enuff but alas he forgot the his balance 4 fingers were pointing back at him!!! and off course not to forget his cronies la.

You can blame as much you want En PM but you have failed miserably to uphold your office in a decent and honourable manner. You are a shame just like MM.

You and your people have been so swallowed in the greed and you have forgotten what is honour and integrity. Its a joke that we have an Institute Integrity Malaysia just off Jln Duta!!! Wonder what they are doing or what kind of integrity they are dealing with and not to forget how much their are spending our hard earned MONEY!

Malaysia is truly gone to the DOGS!

Ciao malaysia that we so much love.......

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So whats new?

Bet all you of you are still recovering from the oil-spill of a story! Bet some haven't yet!

I have yet to fuel up with the new petrol price increase but my joy shall be shortlived. I HAVE to fuel up today..i am running on almost E line. Scarred shit on how much i will be paying for my perdana full tank!

Sigh..... whatla Malaysia? Oil producing country and still high.

On the reverse, I was in Germany early this year and the fuel price was Euro 1.34 (highest during the time we were there, France Euro 1.45 and Luxemburg Euro 1.20. If you convert prices, yes yes yes we pay peanuts comparitively. However if we don't and leave it to 1-1 we pay higher!! Mind you we produce oil too and they don't!!!

Yea-lah, stale story to talk about but very saddening. SIGHHHHHH ........

Thursday, May 29, 2008

PreMarital SEX!

Read a very interesting article in (online) ;

TUMPAT: The parents of a 15-year-old girl were shocked when they found out the reason why their daughter, whom they had brought to hospital, was having stomach pains - she suffered a miscarriage and had delivered the foetus without knowing it.
The discovery was made when staff at the Tumpat District Hospital sent her for a scan on May 15. The doctor told the girl's parents to take the foetus for burial and lodge a police report.The couple buried the foetus the following day at a cemetery in Kampung Tanjung, Pengkalan Kubor, but did not lodge a report.Four days later, however, the doctor lodged a report and police went to the family's house.
District police chief Superintendent Norazizan Anan said the girl admitted to what had happened and showed them where the foetus was buried.The foetus was exhumed and sent for a post-mortem yesterday.Norazizan said the exhumation was done to enable police to determine the cause of death and also for a DNA test. Sources said police arrested a 25-year-old self-employed man on Sunday to assist investigations

So tell me, is this because she wore a see-thru uniform or is it an act of a inhuman person or just her frivolous way! By the way only saw in NST, not in STAR.

How stupid can the parents be? Or....wait could be incest!!!!!! Father rape daughter...and wife keep quiet scared to lose a scum of a husband! God this world sickens me more and more!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

School Uniform!!!!!

The most hiliarious topic i read at was one Munirah saying that white school uniform blouse is too sexy (if one reads it right) for the girls!

"An Islamic group today condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex."

Er duh! Now this is the new thing ,is it? Men are men, even young children to some physco men are ancouraging them to rape a kid!!!!! You can wear a baggy blouse or attire would drive them to say or do something stupid.

Women, I am not saying all are wonderful angels. There are a some who encourage nonsenses and gets the brunt of it. Now just because of some incidents, this is now the Education Dept's main worry??

Munirah, makcik, tolong-lah. There are more pressing things in this country's education system thats need to be looked into and it's not UNIFORM! One other blogger had posted on the level of spoken and written english as well as malay should be Education Dept's priority.

I have a few more

a) Teachers' ENGLISH and MALAY should be looked into!
b) Teachers' level of understanding before teaching students rubbish!
c) Teachers' overall performance should be looked into!

Aiyoo Munirah, if you have nothing bright to say, don't say anything!

If this keeps up, Malaysia will go back being third world country and the mentality to boot!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Ninja Murderers

I wonder why the two accused murderers in the Altantuya's Case covers their face? These two (are they still in police force?) fellas have they face covered all the time and Baginda who suppose to the one abetting doesn't cover his face.

Now tell me, how does one make sure that this two are the same and real fellas and not some stand-in for the actual guys? In malaysia these days one can never be sure.

As long you are working with the 'rich & power' fested people, you can do anything and get away with anything wat. Malaysia boleh!

The should be bought to/out of court with the covering taken off!

So who is KJ?

KJ - the guy being named the MP of the week in Parliment. What a laughing stock!

Never liked his face to start with...don't know, something is just not right on how this guy manipulates his way thru.

Watch out for this lethal fella. Not good news for sure!

He leave a bitter taste in my mouth anyways.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Round and round The Mulberry BUSH!!

Hi people!
I have been away for the last two weeks. Just been out of touch!!! I was reading or catching up on the RP case and off course all the hubla on the related cases - cyber space and what not.
Amazing what our under-dogs can come up with.
You know, they are just going round and round..the petai tree actually!
They think we the rakyat can be hoodwinked? Ahmmmmm not so easy friend. They have lots of nonsense to clear up and honestly they have yet TO START!!!!!! To think it has been now 2 months since our elections and all we see is finger-pointings and back-bitings.
Tired of the bickering and tired of the excuses they come up with. Wonder if they will ever learn. So far not!
Long live the internet and cyber-space.
Regards and cheers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back from Holidays

Hello people

Just got back from a lovely but cold holiday stint. Was away for almost 3 weeks to germany and boy was it cold! Landed in Frankfurt with a temp of 0'C and snowing! Flew MAS and it was alright-la. Wonder why so much fuss about them being a world class winner...didn't see any difference. However I must say KLIA is a wonderful airport..tell you why later.

My 3 weeks in germany went well and most of the time was covered in layers of jackets/thermo-wear/ name it! Missed home...for roti canai, teh tarik, nasi lemak. Didn't miss the uproar that was going on in the political arena!

On the way back in frankfurt int airport, not much shopping to be done as everything was expensive as I kept converting the Euro to RM (yea yea i hear you i shouldn't but hey i get paid in RM) The airport duty free was not as good as Asean Duty free, Changi, Swarnabumi and KLIA.

Anyway i touched down KLIA and was glad i came home to warm land...but not the political arena (sound like a broken record ah).

Looks like i have a lots to read/catch up on in malaysiakini.

Cheers and have a good week ahead!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congrats Malaysians!

Yee Haaa!

I am truly happy that we (the minority Malaysians) have spoken and reacted well.

That should be awake call to BN guys who have been too cushy with their positions. People like Samy should realize, people put him there and the same people can shift him OUT too.

To our PM, that's OK you have another 4 odd years to prove that you are worthy and keep your promise and do the right things with immediate effect. Don't listen to what the hypocrite like Mahathir says. He is a fine one to speak, the cheek of that man. He led a corrupt country for 20 odd years...and now he calls the kettle black! Enough la Mahathir, go cry elsewhere.

Whats worse he wants Najib to be PM!!! Alamak that's disaster in making already. Wonder what Najib and he are cooking up. Looks like our ex PM is getting crazier by the day.

DAP, PKR do whats right and do it right. Worry not, you are beginners and mind you people will say lots of nonsense (you know sore losers) but work together and stay together..that should be good. All new staff go thru probationary the same for you la.

Khir stay the hell away and shut up! You have no right to talk now. You have messed up all in Selangor and I am sure there will lots of your nonsense coming out soon for us to hear about. You go relax with all the money you made and stay away ok. That goes also for all those people who are dropped out too.

Now Samy and Subra are back in terms....aiyoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Samy you are sick fella la. Never mind you cannot get the people's trust lost it friend. Go home to whoever the woman you have now and just chill. Hang your politics jacket in the wardrobe ok. POHTEM!

Again, hurrah to all who took their time off and went to vote.


Friday, March 7, 2008

It's time!

Ok time to cast your vote.

Please don't be intimidated and frightened by the threats. Go and do your civil duty.

I am headed home this evening. Tomorrow morning i am off to vote. BN is sure to win that's for sure but not its majority. (Unless BN does their magic show - like they always do!)

Cheers folks and take care...okay.

Stupidity taken to another level.

Today morning, as I was having my breakfast, I saw this maybe 5 months pregnant mom -to-be walking by. The road was uneven, granted but the stupid woman was wearing a high heel!!!!! Aiyoo how stupid could she be! Didn't anyone advise her that when u are pregnant u are to wear a low heel or slightly heel (for back reasons) shoes/slippers.

She nearly fell forward! Thank god for a car parked at the side that she managed to hold on the side! Imagine what would have happened if not! I wanted to shout so badly but a passerby gentleman rapped the lady instead.

That brought back memories to me. Last week I saw another pretty Malay pregnant girl having tea in TTDI Devi's. She was with friends and when she got up I noticed she was wearing a high-heel shoes. There..another stupid one! This girl was full bloom in pregnancy. Then later her so gay friend was puffing away his/her cigarette into the pregnant lady's face! I couldn't help it but starred at the guy-girl whatever and they were so oblivious!

I feel so disgusted when i see these things. People taking things for granted (like their pregnancy and health) what some of us are not able to enjoy.

When I see women with cigarettes and puffing away like high heaven i actually shake my head and voice my disgust. (My husband always shakes his head and tells me its not my business) Yeah, I guess but hey I am inhaling the SMOKE!!!!

I hope that these women or women in general actually get a reality check. Yea Yea women's lib and all but please-lah, when it comes to health and the health of your baby in the tummy...use some brains!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Count Down To Polls

Okay...this is the last week..well last few days before we head to the polls. Are we mentally prepared? Are we ready to face the outcome of this GE?

Hmm...I am not sure myself. I was just reading malaysiakini and yes there are many things for us to think about and face but are we bold enough?

Our PM promises things and also has yet to fulfil his other promises he made in the 2004 GE. What makes us think he will keep any? What with all that's happened before? He needs time..on our expense!

Samy...let's not even go THERE!!!!! Sg Siput please wisely vote or you might be short changed as you have been short-changed all this while. He shows his samseng Puthi (brains) when his goons tried to ban the women activist in his area. MCP!

Rembau...with Khairy the scary!! If he comes into power that's no stopping him. Lethal combo with father-in-law and cronies in Finance Dept!

Anwar..via his daughter or wife......hmmm will he keep his words? Now this man is smart, a vengeance to seek on what he has gone thru.

DAP Lim KS, now with him you know we get the punches.

Swim in pantai with Shahrizat. Is she for real? She has Tony Fernandez and smart bankers opening for her rallies. What is her track record actually?

As for MCA guys...can't say much there but like any party I am sure there's probs too.

SO fellow Malaysian voters...good luck & tick right!


Right, got this email to listen to what Anwar has to say. This ceremah is about 2-3 weeks old, however it packed a punch.

I heard all what he had to say....he is not wrong, he sounds truthful, genuine and honestly more civil than some of our ministers. Listen and you be the judge.


Election Poem

Last Sunday, my husband and I went for breakfast and when we got back, we saw this flyer on our car windscreen. Thought this poem was very good and decided to post it. Author..unknown but for sure it was the opposition party people, no one claim responsibility..... (so far!)
In 2004
We gave them a huge vote of confidence
These four years,
they lied to us
threatened us
divided us
they insulted our women
they let crime fester
and we sat quiet.
They stole our money
they raised our tolls, food and fuel
and had the gall to tell us:
change your lifestyle
they mocked our intelligence
changed our history
and we sat quiet.
They bought submarines and jets;
less for defence, but for commissions
they holidayed while we drowned in floods
they smashed our holy places
they destroyed or built heritage
they sold our green lungs
they fed their cronies
fed them very, very well
and we sat quiet.
Come March 8, 2008
They are asking us to vote them
yet again!
So folks, do your civil duty and don't complain if you are not agreeable with things that may come later!

Friday, February 29, 2008


Hi people,

My cousin sent me a very very cute Election Song courtesy of Comedy Court, click and enjoy!

Enjoy too, their other hilarious stints.

Have a lovely weekend, Ciao!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Forgive?, EC & Education

Today I read Malaysiakini's articles on forgiving Samy (under VOX) and others as well.

Do you think Samy needs to forgiven? I actually think he has to ask our forgiveness for all his and his cronies follies.

Like many of the writers, I too express my deepest regret that we have this man who from time and time screws us up so bad. Maybe some were lucky and didn't feel the brunt but many too were very unlucky and suffered terribly. Tired of talking about him la actually!

Wishful thinking that this EC, we see the shift in percentage of power. Honestly its wishful thinking but back of your mind you actually wonder if it will happen. Pondering what the effect maybe, will change one's perception. I asked my dad who he votes for, he replied 'BN'. Asked him why and he replied "peace and for nothing else". He is from old school and there are many old schoolers out there waiting for March 8th. The young ones - some didn't even register! and some registered late (September 07 dateline and we all know why!!), would we truly get the result we are expecting? I hope that there will some effect but i won't hold my breath if it doesn't happen. Sad isn't it?

Yesterday, met up with my cousins and their children and topic ventured into school blah blah and history lessons in school. To my shock, i was informed that the current students do not do world history as much as what we did (I am talking about early 80s students). I was so disgusted that my nephews didn't know somethings we studied, like Boston Tea Party, the Revolution, 2nd world war. They said yes its there but its only maybe 1/3 of what we did. Now it seems they are studying 80% Islamic and Nabi's history. Amazing......... but how relevant is that in the 'world' as in globally challenging to our kids now. Yes please do teach about the prophet and the Islamic history but the kids/teenagers need substance la. No wonder our kids cannot compete with the kids out there!!! If that's history, wonder what they are learning in geography or for that matter ENGLISH!

This i have to tell you, my niece in Ipoh schools in MGS. In std 1, she actually corrected her teacher's English. Her teacher wrote on the board for students to copy and madam wrote it wrongly. My niece quietly went up to the teacher and told her that its wrong. Imagine if she hadn't been the smart cookie type, it would have been left uncorrected and 30 odd students would think that's the spelling!!!!!

It doesn't stop there. The test papers that comes out is so baddddddd that its a disgrace to call our teachers, teachers!!! I must say the older generation had a better class of teachers than this generation. Thanks la Education Ministry for stupefying our children.

Have a safe weekend, cheers!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hot Samy

Just read The Star Online and guess what, Samy Anney said this is his last term (maybe).

Hahahahahahahahaha.....yea i am laughing. Like I believe him la. He is 72 this year, another 5...77 another 5....82. Unless something major happens I see this imbecile in politics!

Now he is complaining that his few elected cronies have not done thier job well. How could they when they have his act to follow. He is a disgrace to the Indian Community, period.

Actually wonder if there is any capable Indian origin guy/lady who can take over his role? Hmmmm...thinking.....................

Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok am back.

More on our local front....

Khir has asked indians to work harder be self-reliant - yea why he won't say, look whats NEP has done for some of the 'gifted' bumis. They need not work hard, they work slow also dapat, they don't work also dapat.

This is classic...check out this para - ' He said they (means Indians) should find ways to lift their economic status through hard work instead of expecting handouts' THE CHEEK OF THIS MAN!!! He is a walking disaster waiting to be executed la. He should go for a drive around TAR road on weekends to see who is working harder and who is 'lepak-king' Work hard **$$$%%%
beeppppppp...sorry censor la. I am so headed to vote la.

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir tipped for Langkawi.....- all in the family, father and son, father-in-law and son-in-law....tsk tsk tsk.... ahhhh (sigh) why he still wants more money than he already has? There should be a logo " Run for Parliment..its rains money for you"


You know something, i read the papers (mainstream) to have a bloody good laugh!! Then i read malaysiakini to have the adverse reaction.



Ok ..todays paper.;

'I am PM of all races' - yah meh? I didnt realize that lor. Sorry PM no la you mistaken identity or short term memory loss....

'Don't compare Malaysia with Singapore - We are 1st class apples and singapore 1st class grapes' - aren't they both fruits (apples/grapes), yea friend definitely you can't compare singapore and m' can't even go anywhere near them la pakcik. You are far far far away.

'Samy takes on group of hecklers in Prai' - there you go! He is a gangster for sure. Anney fine time for you to leave la...already its ungracefull......

Wait for more yea.....brb

Money, money, money....

How much is ever enough?

My girlfriend is from East Malaysia. She was just telling me how little they make over there but how much they spend. ie cost of goods and services

She, like some other EMs, have moved to the brighter lit cities like KL, Penang or some even Singapore. She was lamenting that she didn't see many younger generation over at her place when she 'balik kampung' for CNY. Yet the cost of things are not cheap. Their pay - so crappy, how to survive, she asks.

Here we WMs are a lucky lot. We pay less for petrol, food, stuffs, why even magazines and papers!!!! Yet we grumble that we have not much money.

She made me reflect on how lucky i am.


War of the Flags have begun in the Nation called Malaysia (Truly not ASIA!)

Just read that EC now has approved using UMNO flags in the areas where it stands. whats that BS? This is reported in The Star (online news). So does that mean MIC or MCA can also fly their flags or just our UMNOites? Nothing was said on that matter.

Actually i really don't care much if MIC does fly their flag, I am no supporter of Samy or the MIC in general.

Just musing.....thats all

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been totally contemplating this move and today i jumped into the bandwagon of my fellow bloggers! I AM IN!!!!!

I prayer that GOD gives me the patience to write what i have in my mind well and with logic (that sometimes goes haywire) and off course not to offend any know la.

Enuff said, with all 'gungho-firery (if there is such word)-braveheart' i shall take my 1st step into this world of wonderful cyberism.