Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So whats new?

Bet all you of you are still recovering from the oil-spill of a story! Bet some haven't yet!

I have yet to fuel up with the new petrol price increase but my joy shall be shortlived. I HAVE to fuel up today..i am running on almost E line. Scarred shit on how much i will be paying for my perdana full tank!

Sigh..... whatla Malaysia? Oil producing country and still high.

On the reverse, I was in Germany early this year and the fuel price was Euro 1.34 (highest during the time we were there, France Euro 1.45 and Luxemburg Euro 1.20. If you convert prices, yes yes yes we pay peanuts comparitively. However if we don't and leave it to 1-1 we pay higher!! Mind you we produce oil too and they don't!!!

Yea-lah, stale story to talk about but very saddening. SIGHHHHHH ........

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