Thursday, May 29, 2008

PreMarital SEX!

Read a very interesting article in (online) ;

TUMPAT: The parents of a 15-year-old girl were shocked when they found out the reason why their daughter, whom they had brought to hospital, was having stomach pains - she suffered a miscarriage and had delivered the foetus without knowing it.
The discovery was made when staff at the Tumpat District Hospital sent her for a scan on May 15. The doctor told the girl's parents to take the foetus for burial and lodge a police report.The couple buried the foetus the following day at a cemetery in Kampung Tanjung, Pengkalan Kubor, but did not lodge a report.Four days later, however, the doctor lodged a report and police went to the family's house.
District police chief Superintendent Norazizan Anan said the girl admitted to what had happened and showed them where the foetus was buried.The foetus was exhumed and sent for a post-mortem yesterday.Norazizan said the exhumation was done to enable police to determine the cause of death and also for a DNA test. Sources said police arrested a 25-year-old self-employed man on Sunday to assist investigations

So tell me, is this because she wore a see-thru uniform or is it an act of a inhuman person or just her frivolous way! By the way only saw in NST, not in STAR.

How stupid can the parents be? Or....wait could be incest!!!!!! Father rape daughter...and wife keep quiet scared to lose a scum of a husband! God this world sickens me more and more!

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