Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oops He Did It AGAIN!

Looks like many of the Indians in this country ain't shocked when the Man himself got re-elected as the President of MIC.
This is his 11th term of plundering and pillaging the community.I am shocked that there are people out there who think he is worthy to be the voice of the community. Either that or he just rammed roded into that position via his normal style. (Many who are from that party would know what I mean).
Disappointment is what I felt after the initial feeling of rage when i read of his so-called 'victory'. Aiyooo...heart breaking that there are still very stupid and naive Indians out there.
No good will come out this only more 'gangster-style' intimidation, more plundering, more disregard for the real hardcore Indians in the very rural areas and many many more uneasy situations.
What about his son's so-called relationship with the late Sujatha? Swept under the carpet already ah?
Like many things that's being swept under the Malaysian Political Carpet, we face many doom time with people like these. Come Tuesday there will be another uncontested victory for presidency in another one of the tri-party polls, yes UMNO.
Well MIC Indians please give a big PAT-on the-back for yourselves being the scapegoats for your 'Thalaiver' the 'Moothaler'.
Hey Ms Chitrakala, where are you now??

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Of Paraquat and Stupidity LA!

OK this is very much like Romeo and Juliet story la. Only thing..this is SO Silly!

One stupid Indian Actress from Malaysia died in a suicide attempt cause she was lavished with gifts from the son of MIC president Samy Vello. The son himself admitted to buying her lavish gifts. Now many Indian girls want to work for him. Shyla (wife of the guy) you are in for another tough competition la!
Bet all of you know the story and made your conclusions..yea?

My ears have been pierced la anney! Try another story.

Memang (Truly) this woman must have been sooooooo hard up for this fella that she suicides for HIM. Aiyoooooo yenna kathey!

Whatever la. Politics and people of politics in this country stink so heavily with Corrupt, Gangsterism, Cronyism...whatever -ism- la...but mostly S*IT. Justice also like their faces la....means like S*IT la.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pot Calling the Kettle Black.....

With much disinterest I read Malaysia Insider's article on Mahathir's criticism of Najib today. So, he (Mahathir) is taking a swing on Najib (however said, Mahathir seems to favour him) for not 'shining' in his post as DPM.
Much to every one's dislike, Najib will be sworn in as PM come April Fool's Day. Yea...we are the Fools in Malaysia. We have to accept him as PM till the next General Elections in 4 years down the road. 'Too much to say but shall not say it', that's what we normal Rakyat think.
Then towards the end of the interview, he comments on Anwar... “He (Anwar) is not to be trusted. He will do anything to become prime minister,” Mahathir said. “During the time when he was my deputy, he was involved in cronyism. He supported a lot of his own people, they became very rich, because he gave contracts to them,” the former prime minister said.

Well I think, all politicians practices this cronyism which incidentally was started by the Maha-Guru himself. Tell me, who doesn't practice this type of thing when they hold a political office????? TELL ME.....

This old man (wise is something i shall reserve) should truly retire in style. So he pokes his nose and prods a lot of things, also opens up cans full of worms in the UMNO-ring. Is he demon or the devil in disguise, angel....I don't know. All I know is that Politicians are unscrupulous and a bunch of money-mongrels. All and sundry like us Rakyat are the Fools who believe and put them in their seat and what do we get.......... Nothing!!

Aiyaaaa.....whatla to DO!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whipping for Bread.......

Just was reading The Malaysian Insider and came across a very silly article.

Saudi Arabia to whip, jail 75-year-old widow
CAIRO, March 10 – The sentencing of a 75-year-old widow to 40 lashes and four months in prison for mingling with two young men who were reportedly bringing her bread has sparked new criticism of Saudi Arabia’s ultraconservative religious police and judiciary.

Read more here

Seriously, so they expect her to starve to death? Religion is one thing but taking it to heights of these kind of unthinkable totally UNTHINKABLE!!

So if Malaysia were la to say (just a figure of speech) turn into an 'Arabic' style rule...there goes all the party, drinking, mixing and mingling even for the Malays. No more tight jeans (have your bums exposed kinda jeans) and all the makeup too!! No more teh-tarik sessions and lepaking with kawan-kawan sessions too. That sure sounds scary isn't it?

Aiyoooooo........ cannot la!!! So how? Poor old lady just for bread she gets whipped!!!