Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sucide or Murder???

Today's Malaysian e-papers are plastered with the late Sujatha's face and also the face of Vel Paari. They have linked each other, romantically but that's all. No link on her death. They have decided/passed judgement the death of Sujatha is purely suicidal.
So from the whole incident we can conclude the followings;
  • Urine sample missing..but its ok (so how the pregnancy....vanished la?)
  • she was taken to Klang as Vel Paari's cousin works there (all the way from Sentul to Klang..that's a long way to go)
  • There was indication that she was in love but don't know whom. However (from Malaysian Insider..

And although evidence such as the discovery of Vel Paari’s photos and other testimony indicative of their close relationship were presented during the course of the inquest, the coroner said the matter has no bearing on the inquest.

“He could be the person the deceased was in love with but I am reluctant to decide on this issue as it has no bearing in this inquest.”

“Her lover may be morally wrong but not legally,” added the coroner.

Foul play so written all over this case but as usual in Malaysia where anything is possible in the judicial system, the family of late SS (Silly Sujatha) has been 'compromised'. Would any family let this happen to their daughter and keep quiet? So they made noise and they were easily 'compromised' too.

She wanted to 'mix' with the 'in' crowd so she got burnt. Let that be a lesson for all the Sujatha/Alt(cant mention name also) Wanna-bes also Datin Wanna-bes, you play with fire YOU GET BURNT and C4-ed.

Hell is fast becoming a crowded place, wonder if they have a 1Malaysia Neraka?

So ....... we Rakyat still believe this??? WHAT A BELONY!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Serapu..sirruppu...!!!!!!

Wow, the' slipper garland' remark has gained a great momentum from all and sundry!

Ok some Tamil language lessons before we start ; Serapu - Slipper Sirruppu - laughter/joke Taingeh - WornOut Malley - Garland

First and foremost, that remark should have been for Samy Vellu(SV) and not Mahathir(TDM). However equality plays an important role here too. (hehehehehe)

Okaylah, if the guy wanted to garland TDM with serapus,they should get taingeh serapus malley for SV!!!!! so they (TDM/SV) can bersama-sama gembira (happy together). You know why?

YES!!! Cos they didn't do anything so great for their own communities!!! Both are well known for their cronyism, sarcasm, corruption, money-politics, all talk-cockness, the list goes on and on and on....

Even if TDM pinned Malaysia on the World Map; he brought along with it all his other 'attributes' and not to mention the biggest contribution - RACIALISM!!!! Because of him Malaysia today stands un-united when he should have righted his wrong and made it UNITED.(Safe except for some Rakyat whom are struggling to be united and not divided as they (UMNO/BN n gang wants))

So same goes to SV, the man should have made Indians proud of him for doing things right but NO, they all CURSE him and his family for their 'bullying tactic'. The amount of remarks that were listed on Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider wow was amazingly colourful!

So....TDM/SV....here goes la...Taingeh Serapu!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aiyoooo Samy!!!

Looks like "the man" is back to terrorize the Indians la!

Looks like the Indians in Malaysia are still dingbats to believe this liar and 'gangster' and his gang!

To make things worse, the PM has promised more goodies if the Indians 'respond'! What a laugh!!!! What goodies, more like biscuit crumbs cos we are the last to get anything. Don't forget in the pie, mostly goes to UMNOites and then the crumbs are thrown to the balance of flock. Saki-baki pun mereka nak telan (even the crumbs they (bn/umno) want!)

Samy talk big only...challenging all the 'orang besar'.

People like him make my skin crawl. They (MIC) have only brought the community to a stand still. Look at the MAIKA shares, look at the Tamil schools, look at the universities, look out there!!! Oh no I forget, he doesn't go out! He only comes out when he wants to garner his votes for his goons and himself!

Pariahhhh...that's the MIC I know.

Sorry my blog this time has some harsh words but these MIC people have never learnt any lesson.

MIC volligeh!!