Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Signboards and politics

Azalina: Don't politicise tourism signboard issue ....as reported in The Malaysian Insider, Mon Nov 24.

Well looks like Azalina is at it again, now its the road signage well the smaller ones.....however there is another signboard of a BIG kind from Tourism Dept that has been confusing me for a long while (since she took over the ministry actually).The signboards you see around the highways and by-ways with her face and Badawi's plus Najib's.

This is a no-brainer. Why have their faces on a TOURISM SIGNBOARD?? So not related....so DUH la.

I have no understanding what these three people got to do with beautiful tourist destinations in Malaysia?

By the way, when Najib takes over as PM, you will have to replace the boards..yes or no? The cost again will be incurred....and lets say the Najib stint is short-lived, then what, change again thus incurring more COST. Why are you people so fixated to SPEND MONEY instead of SAVING as the world is riding into recession? Io non capisco!

This is why we should have more well educated people on board of our government boat. So far we have no-brainers.

By the way, I will try and get a picture of a signboard to adorn my weblog....

They never cease to amuse us, these no-brainers.....

Boun giorno!

Monday, November 24, 2008

If you gonna ban things do it RIGHT.

Sensationalized news on the FATWA banning the yoga has become every one's conversation piece today.

I was at my hair dresser today when a few of us were talking about it. My stylist a Malay lady actually was not happy about it. She didn't see any harm in practicing yoga so long she doesn't do anything that's uncomfortable for her. Her faith is strong and not yoga or anything was gonna shake her faith. Well my sentiments exactly.

If you have a strong and sound faith, why are you so frightened that an exercise may shake it? Now if we are to question that, we will be thrown in prison with no chance of a trial.

If the counsel was so into it, then please do things right. There are so many gays out there, even we have our celebrity chef who is gay. Kindly issue a fatwa on that. Please also go the shopping malls where there are so many gays working as fragrance and cosmetics sales person.

When you garland someone, now that is an Indian tradition....why do that? Kindly issue a FATWA on that too.No Muslims are to be garland.

I am not criticising the FATWA but I think the whole issue has been totally mutilated. Why after so long this came about? Why?

Sigh........are we going back many steps when we are suppose to be moving forward.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cat Fight!

So these two are gonna meet in the arena. Now i bet the tickets for this fight are all sold out! LOL...exclusive for UMNO-putra only OK!

Well whatever, their agenda behind fighting for the TOP post in the women's division is very clear - not much different from their counter-part of the opposite sex -Men's division. They have to enrich their purse strings before they are booted out (or not).

Rafidah wants to stay another 3 years if she wins, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Has anyone of them, both women and men in UMNO camp ever thought about the people they are suppose to be representing? A LOUD NO!

Actually to be fair, same for all the component parties of BN- MIC/MCA are no better too.

At the end, we the innocent rakyat are the victim of these 'fights', 'secret agendas' and etc.

The day they put the country 1st in their agenda.....it will be dooms-day in Malaysia!!! One thing for sure, they paid extra attention in politic-class of theirs where their Professor was none other than Mahathir himself! He taught them VERY well. BRAVO!

Hmmm...not to sound so bias, even our new opposition had some classes from the Professor. There are some oldies like DAP/PAS who are the rebels in class.

Entertainment year 2009 for Malaysia! Azalina.....maybe you can promote this for your tourism la.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amazing A-Musings

As much as I hate reading the MSMs, today i actually clicked thestar.online and was reading some amusing stuff.

1st - being Mahathir ; he is going to reveal the names of his so-called cronies who are involved in money politics. Quote (from star)" He said he was willing to be sued for defamation and even risk arrest by the authorities because he was not afraid to expose the truth and the identities of such errant members. “I can’t do anything about the complaints except to hand these over to the Umno disciplinary committee. I will put these names up in my blog.
“I am not afraid of being sued for libel or being arrested by the police. If they can release (blogger and Malaysia Today editor) Raja Petra Kamarudin, won’t they also be able to release me as well?” he said in his dialogue with a group of Umno members and leaders, ex-ministers and Malay student groups at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here yesterday

Ahhhhhhhh....he should know he started it in the 1st place. Why do people like him never learn ah? As i mentioned on my previous post, sudah lah orang tua, masa you sudah UP.

2nd Mr Bollywood not coming; Shah Rukh is not able to come and receive his Datukship. After all the ding-dongs, the state officials of Melaka still wants to try and post-poned the dates to make it convenient for MR BOLLYWOOD! Wah sooo like that ah. So hard up lah Malaysia. Just post it to HIM LA!!! Habis cerita! Wasting rakyat's funds!!!! Errr..maybe the fella who mooted this idea, Daim Zainuddin and his 'jalra' the CM, would like to act in bollywood with all these hot babes! Siapa tau?

3rd.....Our recently released jail-bird, Razak, has defended his best friends non involvement in the Altantuya case. He said that Najib has not met her, even Rosie too don't know her. Well Razak, only GOD knows la. So by any chance does Razak (also the other one) know where our famous PI went missing?

Out of curiosity, can anyone is sundry get access to C4 explosives? Hmmm..this is one case that has all of us puzzled. WHO DID IT???? Who gave the Ok sign, WHOOOOOOOOOO????

Aiya Razak, btw, why you running to London to do whatever study? Do-la in Malaysia, we have the 'best of the best' universities and why waste money. In one comment he said he might stay back if he gets a cushy job as PM in UK! hahahaha.....ok brits, watch out one jailbird coming ur way!

4th...Azalina our tourism queen is fuming! LOL she is ON FIRE!!! Why??? Cos her ministry is being probed...lol...i mean her ministry's subsidiary - 'tangan' is being investigated. She went on to talk 'cock' - like all her comrades in UMNO - that Pempena was involved in dubious deals! Aiyoooooo another one shooting her foot off! Its her ministry yes or not? If the boss don't know then how? By the way....she is on defense mode. Wonder who got the contract to replace all the wonderful tourism signboards you see on the highways and bi-ways with her face with the other two. Who's in-law or father, brother??? As usual no-one will know.

Others.....not so worth your time la. The usual MSM nonsenses.

Another joke-filled day in the LALA-LAND.

Bouna giornata!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DR. M and his fued with Zaid....Ex-Gratia Payment

Out of curiosity, today I read chedet.com, our 'wonderful' ex-PM's blog. I was laughing so much and thinking to myself, this man truly has balls to come out and criticised the ex-Gratia payment made to the judges he sacked. Hmmm.....what do they call these type of people?

Then he goes on saying how Zaid, with his firm got lucrative business and how Zaid benefited from NEP. Yes...and you (DR M) didn't benefit anything being PM, your children didn't benefit anything from it too?? Aiyoo so paavem la he!

He earned RM240k per annum as a PM. With such money he manage to live so luxuriously, own god knows how many palaces, mansions and estates in and out of the country and not to mention monies stashed in overseas banks. Hey he is SO BEGGING to be investigated by ACA....but our ACA is not an independent body - they cannot go against their former master leh!

This joker....is truly a joker la. What even balled me over is the comments posted on the subject. Aiyoo a*se-carrying to the tilt you will see, man! Where do these people come from???? No wonder we still have such a low opinion of general Malay-sians! (Note the hyphen).

Are we that STUPID ah? Does he think we the younger generation are THAT STUPID?? TATA, stop your bickering and start 'enjoying' whats left of your life...hey you are in your 80s! Unless you have some major 'help' to stay until 100 over....just enjoy your last few years LA!!!!

However I don't see that happening as his puppets are going up the stage next year. We are going to be kept entertained by his puppets in POWER! Next year we can have banners reading, Malaysia - 'Fairy Tale' Land of ASIA!!!Yee-Hah... hey wonder if Najib can be Pinocchio...then we can know when he lies (errrr....carpenters out-there you have recurring job!)

Long live the 'Dragon-king'!!!!!!!!!!!!errrrghhhh!! Are there any strong Dargon-slayers out there???)))))))))