Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congrats Malaysians!

Yee Haaa!

I am truly happy that we (the minority Malaysians) have spoken and reacted well.

That should be awake call to BN guys who have been too cushy with their positions. People like Samy should realize, people put him there and the same people can shift him OUT too.

To our PM, that's OK you have another 4 odd years to prove that you are worthy and keep your promise and do the right things with immediate effect. Don't listen to what the hypocrite like Mahathir says. He is a fine one to speak, the cheek of that man. He led a corrupt country for 20 odd years...and now he calls the kettle black! Enough la Mahathir, go cry elsewhere.

Whats worse he wants Najib to be PM!!! Alamak that's disaster in making already. Wonder what Najib and he are cooking up. Looks like our ex PM is getting crazier by the day.

DAP, PKR do whats right and do it right. Worry not, you are beginners and mind you people will say lots of nonsense (you know sore losers) but work together and stay together..that should be good. All new staff go thru probationary the same for you la.

Khir stay the hell away and shut up! You have no right to talk now. You have messed up all in Selangor and I am sure there will lots of your nonsense coming out soon for us to hear about. You go relax with all the money you made and stay away ok. That goes also for all those people who are dropped out too.

Now Samy and Subra are back in terms....aiyoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Samy you are sick fella la. Never mind you cannot get the people's trust lost it friend. Go home to whoever the woman you have now and just chill. Hang your politics jacket in the wardrobe ok. POHTEM!

Again, hurrah to all who took their time off and went to vote.


Friday, March 7, 2008

It's time!

Ok time to cast your vote.

Please don't be intimidated and frightened by the threats. Go and do your civil duty.

I am headed home this evening. Tomorrow morning i am off to vote. BN is sure to win that's for sure but not its majority. (Unless BN does their magic show - like they always do!)

Cheers folks and take care...okay.

Stupidity taken to another level.

Today morning, as I was having my breakfast, I saw this maybe 5 months pregnant mom -to-be walking by. The road was uneven, granted but the stupid woman was wearing a high heel!!!!! Aiyoo how stupid could she be! Didn't anyone advise her that when u are pregnant u are to wear a low heel or slightly heel (for back reasons) shoes/slippers.

She nearly fell forward! Thank god for a car parked at the side that she managed to hold on the side! Imagine what would have happened if not! I wanted to shout so badly but a passerby gentleman rapped the lady instead.

That brought back memories to me. Last week I saw another pretty Malay pregnant girl having tea in TTDI Devi's. She was with friends and when she got up I noticed she was wearing a high-heel shoes. There..another stupid one! This girl was full bloom in pregnancy. Then later her so gay friend was puffing away his/her cigarette into the pregnant lady's face! I couldn't help it but starred at the guy-girl whatever and they were so oblivious!

I feel so disgusted when i see these things. People taking things for granted (like their pregnancy and health) what some of us are not able to enjoy.

When I see women with cigarettes and puffing away like high heaven i actually shake my head and voice my disgust. (My husband always shakes his head and tells me its not my business) Yeah, I guess but hey I am inhaling the SMOKE!!!!

I hope that these women or women in general actually get a reality check. Yea Yea women's lib and all but please-lah, when it comes to health and the health of your baby in the tummy...use some brains!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Count Down To Polls

Okay...this is the last week..well last few days before we head to the polls. Are we mentally prepared? Are we ready to face the outcome of this GE?

Hmm...I am not sure myself. I was just reading malaysiakini and yes there are many things for us to think about and face but are we bold enough?

Our PM promises things and also has yet to fulfil his other promises he made in the 2004 GE. What makes us think he will keep any? What with all that's happened before? He needs time..on our expense!

Samy...let's not even go THERE!!!!! Sg Siput please wisely vote or you might be short changed as you have been short-changed all this while. He shows his samseng Puthi (brains) when his goons tried to ban the women activist in his area. MCP!

Rembau...with Khairy the scary!! If he comes into power that's no stopping him. Lethal combo with father-in-law and cronies in Finance Dept!

Anwar..via his daughter or wife......hmmm will he keep his words? Now this man is smart, a vengeance to seek on what he has gone thru.

DAP Lim KS, now with him you know we get the punches.

Swim in pantai with Shahrizat. Is she for real? She has Tony Fernandez and smart bankers opening for her rallies. What is her track record actually?

As for MCA guys...can't say much there but like any party I am sure there's probs too.

SO fellow Malaysian voters...good luck & tick right!


Right, got this email to listen to what Anwar has to say. This ceremah is about 2-3 weeks old, however it packed a punch.

I heard all what he had to say....he is not wrong, he sounds truthful, genuine and honestly more civil than some of our ministers. Listen and you be the judge.


Election Poem

Last Sunday, my husband and I went for breakfast and when we got back, we saw this flyer on our car windscreen. Thought this poem was very good and decided to post it. Author..unknown but for sure it was the opposition party people, no one claim responsibility..... (so far!)
In 2004
We gave them a huge vote of confidence
These four years,
they lied to us
threatened us
divided us
they insulted our women
they let crime fester
and we sat quiet.
They stole our money
they raised our tolls, food and fuel
and had the gall to tell us:
change your lifestyle
they mocked our intelligence
changed our history
and we sat quiet.
They bought submarines and jets;
less for defence, but for commissions
they holidayed while we drowned in floods
they smashed our holy places
they destroyed or built heritage
they sold our green lungs
they fed their cronies
fed them very, very well
and we sat quiet.
Come March 8, 2008
They are asking us to vote them
yet again!
So folks, do your civil duty and don't complain if you are not agreeable with things that may come later!