Monday, May 25, 2009

And on his 1st Dubious Role of MB, he....

Wastes our tax payers money!!

Today I read in The Malaysian Insider that Mahatma Zambry Mandela is 'pissed' to have been be called the "The Mentri Besar of the Court" by the PAS Leader.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir today denied he was "the chief minister of the court" who did not have the support of the Perak people, as claimed by Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.

Well Zambry its true, you are not only the MB of the court, you are also officially the COURT JESTER. Not only Perakian don't like you, they actually don't trust YOU. To make matters easy for them (Perakians - and I mean true one here and not bogus froggies and dummies) you going to spent RM30,000/- on some unknown two swimmers;

- Zambry also announced that the Perak government would contribute RM30,000 in cash to the English Channel attempt by the two swimmers in July. The swimmers' father Abdul Halim Abdul Manaf, 49, a Universiti Teknologi Mara lecturer, predicted that the 38km swim across the chilly channel from Dover, England, to Calais, France, would take about 14 hours.- Bernama

How come no one knows about this? Suddenly it comes out. By the way, wasn't this feat already been done by another malaysian long time back? So whats so 'extra-ordinary' la this one?

As I blogged in Zorro's site, I knew that this bogus Pangkor fella gonna use the Perak Coffers till its runs dry. Thats BN's trade mark yes or not? Plunder the state...plunder it! Its amazing that they (BN) still think that we Malaysians can be still 'hood-winked' by their cheats and rogues.

God truly bless MALAYSIA!

Friday, May 15, 2009

And Someone OVER-STAYED!!!!

You know, my disgust feeling for Samy has grown so much that it knows no boundary. Yea some say I should cut some slack for this guy but seriously why should I or for that matter why should any one? What good has he done - truly? Yea..yea the roads and highways and then what? Ok very 'minute' portion of Indian community but still not visible to many. Some also say its not that great - his achievement.
Its amazing that he still wants to be relevant in Malaysian politics and the lives of Malaysian Indians. How-la? He breeds cronyism, he breeds corruption and he breeds....of foul stench in the Indian community. Sorry but that's the truth. I still remember the day my brother (a straight A student) went to him for a scholarship and Samy had the cheek to be-little him and then gave the scholarship to a girl whose grades were nothing to shout about! From that day on I swore to myself and all my siblings too that we shall never be a MIC member!! That incident you could say just plastered in the coffin for MIC and esp Samy!
Looking at MIC today, its still a non-relevant party, it's a mishap, a money-greedy party like any other BN component party. Sadly there are some blind followers who sold their soul to this party and also some very very poor people who believed him and placed all their monies in MAIKA shares.
I know of many sad stories on that incident. Many farmers, rubber tappers and hard-core poor people's blood and sweat money was misused and abused in that Share SCAM/SCANDAL. Till today if you bring that out at any party meeting, you are cast aside and 'bullied'.
You know how he can be relevant, by being honest to himself (with his dying age soon coming) and make right what he wronged! At least some 'karma' of his may be appeased. That situation may never see the day or light la but its wishful thinking. Wonder how he sleeps at night knowing he cheated off so many people's lively hood? How he can see himself in the mirror after all what he has done?
Worst of all, his son is following very closely on the father's footstep. Like father like son......
Well today is Friday and I honestly didn't wish to write about him (so bad omen!) but after reading the caption in Malaysiakini and how he said that MIC is here forever....I so wanted to write this blog!!
To associate him with an animal also will be disrespectful to one (poor animal!)! hatred is etched deep within me and he just brings it out like bile! YUCKS!!!! Horrible after-taste!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you Staying?

You know its amazing that how some court procedures amazes us.

Many lawyers complain on the lateness of their cases being heard and wham!, in the case of Court of Appeal, The Stay order has been processed in EXPRESS MODE. Wow, so nice that staffs in the appeal courts are working so over-zealously in this instance.

When its the opposition's order, sorry-la you don't see the speedy-gonzales here. They take their own-sweet time. What does that confirm here? YES COURTS ALSO BNites. lan-chow la this judicial kangaroo court. (Actually we all know it but hey, just want to goreng abit know the feeling right!)

Any who, we are back into court - to appeal his stay, his over-stay and his no-stay. Yea this stay business is becoming a messy business!

Whilst all this happening, have these stayers thought of the STATE they have placed Perak in? What about the progress or non-progress of the state's business? Are the staff of State doing their work? Who is BOSS or do they report to Con-Boss?

As for Mandey-la (thats otak kau! - tamil) and Can't-see-ji Zombie say you have the Rakyat's feeling at heart (Aiyoo you touched me la dey! hahahaha) then you should do it correct. Show your boss (ahem...Fed gov) you are a better man ( be seen) by apologizing for all your nonsense and bubar assembly. Waste not our money for your legal battles!

We all know Nizar wants to bubar the assembly but Zamry.....looks like he wants everything! His stay shall be over-stay!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The outcome of the court decision for legal MB for Perak is amazingly suprising. Yeah, my bet lost!

Even though I am happy with the result but somehow I have this nagging feeling something is so not right. However given the current circumstances, I guess its expected, ain't it.

I mean after the Perak Assembly seating the chaos,damage control BN let off the Hindraf guys from Kamunting and then with the rage of Rakyat with the recent turn of events and not to 'anger' the Rakyat more, BN decided to return Perak to the rightful MB (even if they are saying not so!)

Now our Perak MB should and with the Sultan's blessing (and no hard-feelings) should dissolve the assembly and have fresh elections. Yes its a costly matter but hey compared to BN's gang supposed spending-spree the Perak coffers, its ok la. This is something to do 'rightfully' and PR please show BN how to govern in a correct manner.

Whats the moral of the story......In Politics of BN, there is no moral!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keep doing THIS .....

All abuzz on the story of Perak and how 'ceremoniously' our hero Siva was dragged out of his seat and lately how Najib's/Keris's release of the ISAed HIndraf guys is a sign of smoking the peace pipe for the upscale 'kidnap' of Perak's state.

True, true, true...yes,yes,yes.... all is true isn't it. They did kidnap our beloved state and then dragged 'THE MAN' out of his chair and now suddenly the Hindraf guys are suppose to be released! How so timely I must say. Their timing is something to be 'admired'!

To my utter disgust (by the way disgust is something I have been feeling since all the fiasco in Perak started!) our DPM comes on Bernama Astro News yesterday nite (May 8,09) and say - Yes, Siva should be dragged out and how rowdy the PR have been in the Dewan and how the PA system had been 'abused'. Aiyoo kawan, you watched YOU TUBE or not? Possibilities he can't recognize which goons are his and which guys are PRs?? Who were the rowdies? Please someone rewind the tape for him la. Please pay attention prior to opening your mouth la. can catch the following
As for the Ganesan the dubious SPEAKER.... hahahahaha we still don't recognize you as the official speaker and so goes for the Zamry guy as con MB. Thanks Malaysiakini for the scenes. So who are the gangsters and rough-fians?

How Bernama so 'righteous' reports a so one-sided story is amazing. Journalism to the drains in Malaysia la. All TV stations affiliated to UMNO/BN are so bias yes? Well honestly that's the Malaysia we have been living in for sometime now.

When the change does come, mind you they will pull the rug under the feet of the 'winners' as they cannot face the fact they (BN) are not wanted at all. BN just have been nailing their coffin themselves.

Self destruction mode their in now just will help us RAKYAT to see where JUSTICE shall prevail.

Word of advise...please keep doing this...please...and PR/DAP/PAS should actually say thank you to BN for paving their way into our hearts and mind.

Terima Kasih and Selamat BN

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Many a wonderous story.....

Well, long time no blogging! Not that I have been out of topic but I wanted to make sure the topics have been verified and tested for truthfulness....alas its still not easily accomplish able!

We know whats on going in Malaysia yea, the buzz of the RAHMAN theory, the many a 'buy-elections', the case of Ali Mamak and Four Thieves in Perak and then RPK's missing from his trial and now new spin-offs with recent 'tell-a-story' of his Detention in September 08.

Another story that's fast becoming a serial is 'The Case of C4 in Malaysian Political Jungle' as reported and blogged by Susan

Don't condemn me..I am just telling you whats being blogged. Yes I have featured the poor woman being C4ed a couple of times in my blog too but whether or not its being turned into a serial...its still need verification.

Another one more story that we all are waiting for is the State of Perak's dubious MB and the rakyat elected MB 'face-off'! Till today many of us Perakians are upset of the way the rug was tugged from underneath Nizar's feet! So much for our votes! They should have not wasted OUR FUNDS if they wanted to roost their flock (BN-ites) in Perak.

Has anyone noticed the recent deco-spree the current con-a-MB's gang in Perak going on. Its not their money they are wasting, its Perak Rakyat's coffers! Check out the Ceramic Bali-nese Vase on Jalan Gopeng (now known in one royalty name - honestly I too have forgotten the new name!) and the up-coming many a istana in Ipoh. Why not upgrade roads, schools, buses....and other main amenities in Ipoh or parts of Perak but nooooo they spent so much on other stuff 'they' think is more needy.

Just drive around Ipoh and see the latest follies......

May 7 2009, another date on all perakian's calender!

Lets see what new story shall enfold ok! Cheers mates..