Friday, May 15, 2009

And Someone OVER-STAYED!!!!

You know, my disgust feeling for Samy has grown so much that it knows no boundary. Yea some say I should cut some slack for this guy but seriously why should I or for that matter why should any one? What good has he done - truly? Yea..yea the roads and highways and then what? Ok very 'minute' portion of Indian community but still not visible to many. Some also say its not that great - his achievement.
Its amazing that he still wants to be relevant in Malaysian politics and the lives of Malaysian Indians. How-la? He breeds cronyism, he breeds corruption and he breeds....of foul stench in the Indian community. Sorry but that's the truth. I still remember the day my brother (a straight A student) went to him for a scholarship and Samy had the cheek to be-little him and then gave the scholarship to a girl whose grades were nothing to shout about! From that day on I swore to myself and all my siblings too that we shall never be a MIC member!! That incident you could say just plastered in the coffin for MIC and esp Samy!
Looking at MIC today, its still a non-relevant party, it's a mishap, a money-greedy party like any other BN component party. Sadly there are some blind followers who sold their soul to this party and also some very very poor people who believed him and placed all their monies in MAIKA shares.
I know of many sad stories on that incident. Many farmers, rubber tappers and hard-core poor people's blood and sweat money was misused and abused in that Share SCAM/SCANDAL. Till today if you bring that out at any party meeting, you are cast aside and 'bullied'.
You know how he can be relevant, by being honest to himself (with his dying age soon coming) and make right what he wronged! At least some 'karma' of his may be appeased. That situation may never see the day or light la but its wishful thinking. Wonder how he sleeps at night knowing he cheated off so many people's lively hood? How he can see himself in the mirror after all what he has done?
Worst of all, his son is following very closely on the father's footstep. Like father like son......
Well today is Friday and I honestly didn't wish to write about him (so bad omen!) but after reading the caption in Malaysiakini and how he said that MIC is here forever....I so wanted to write this blog!!
To associate him with an animal also will be disrespectful to one (poor animal!)! hatred is etched deep within me and he just brings it out like bile! YUCKS!!!! Horrible after-taste!!!!!!

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