Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Many a wonderous story.....

Well, long time no blogging! Not that I have been out of topic but I wanted to make sure the topics have been verified and tested for truthfulness....alas its still not easily accomplish able!

We know whats on going in Malaysia yea, the buzz of the RAHMAN theory, the many a 'buy-elections', the case of Ali Mamak and Four Thieves in Perak and then RPK's missing from his trial and now new spin-offs with recent 'tell-a-story' of his Detention in September 08.

Another story that's fast becoming a serial is 'The Case of C4 in Malaysian Political Jungle' as reported and blogged by Susan http://sloone.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/hk-tv-series-to-show-how-altantuya-was-killed/

Don't condemn me..I am just telling you whats being blogged. Yes I have featured the poor woman being C4ed a couple of times in my blog too but whether or not its being turned into a serial...its still need verification.

Another one more story that we all are waiting for is the State of Perak's dubious MB and the rakyat elected MB 'face-off'! Till today many of us Perakians are upset of the way the rug was tugged from underneath Nizar's feet! So much for our votes! They should have not wasted OUR FUNDS if they wanted to roost their flock (BN-ites) in Perak.

Has anyone noticed the recent deco-spree the current con-a-MB's gang in Perak going on. Its not their money they are wasting, its Perak Rakyat's coffers! Check out the Ceramic Bali-nese Vase on Jalan Gopeng (now known in one royalty name - honestly I too have forgotten the new name!) and the up-coming many a istana in Ipoh. Why not upgrade roads, schools, buses....and other main amenities in Ipoh or parts of Perak but nooooo they spent so much on other stuff 'they' think is more needy.

Just drive around Ipoh and see the latest follies......

May 7 2009, another date on all perakian's calender!

Lets see what new story shall enfold ok! Cheers mates..

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