Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oops He Did It AGAIN!

Looks like many of the Indians in this country ain't shocked when the Man himself got re-elected as the President of MIC.
This is his 11th term of plundering and pillaging the community.I am shocked that there are people out there who think he is worthy to be the voice of the community. Either that or he just rammed roded into that position via his normal style. (Many who are from that party would know what I mean).
Disappointment is what I felt after the initial feeling of rage when i read of his so-called 'victory'. Aiyooo...heart breaking that there are still very stupid and naive Indians out there.
No good will come out this only more 'gangster-style' intimidation, more plundering, more disregard for the real hardcore Indians in the very rural areas and many many more uneasy situations.
What about his son's so-called relationship with the late Sujatha? Swept under the carpet already ah?
Like many things that's being swept under the Malaysian Political Carpet, we face many doom time with people like these. Come Tuesday there will be another uncontested victory for presidency in another one of the tri-party polls, yes UMNO.
Well MIC Indians please give a big PAT-on the-back for yourselves being the scapegoats for your 'Thalaiver' the 'Moothaler'.
Hey Ms Chitrakala, where are you now??

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