Thursday, March 19, 2009

Of Paraquat and Stupidity LA!

OK this is very much like Romeo and Juliet story la. Only thing..this is SO Silly!

One stupid Indian Actress from Malaysia died in a suicide attempt cause she was lavished with gifts from the son of MIC president Samy Vello. The son himself admitted to buying her lavish gifts. Now many Indian girls want to work for him. Shyla (wife of the guy) you are in for another tough competition la!
Bet all of you know the story and made your conclusions..yea?

My ears have been pierced la anney! Try another story.

Memang (Truly) this woman must have been sooooooo hard up for this fella that she suicides for HIM. Aiyoooooo yenna kathey!

Whatever la. Politics and people of politics in this country stink so heavily with Corrupt, Gangsterism, Cronyism...whatever -ism- la...but mostly S*IT. Justice also like their faces la....means like S*IT la.

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