Thursday, July 23, 2009

Value of RM2k plus - DEATH!!!!

Sadly one man died due to an investigation that his state guy misused some money (RM2k+). Now what is this compared the millions the ex MB of Selangor swindled??? He had the cheek to come on Astro and give a babbling speech so we can understand him better.

I didn't wish to waste my time on Sunday to hear this joker talk and glorify himself. In all honestly I hardly watch national news on tv/astro. Its sheer waste!

How come the MACC didn't haul up this joker??? Yes you are correct cos MACC is so UMNO/BN driven. They (MACC) will only go for the opposition and play bully. After all there seems to be abundance of palaces and trips our joker seem to have his finger prints on!

We may cry foul and go on with this but you know something, they will pay big time soon on their misdeeds (gross!!!!!) So big that even seeing themselves in the mirror, they will shit in their pants (and skirts!)

My deepest condolences to the family of Teoh BH, may you soul be rested in peace after your 'TAO CHAT!'

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

English.....As Written!!! (What a Shame!)

Either this article I read (forwarded courtesy of my friend) is a JOKE! or this is the sad example of our graduates from our local universities.

Read on....and laugh


Dear Sport Friends,

Regarding about the global issue H1N1 happens around the world, sadly to be informing that our UiTM International Sports Fiesta will be postponing to 19-23 November 2009.

For all teams which have been confirm to participate in our events, we have to say sorry for this announcements and our Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Health also advise to us to change the date for this current situation.

By the date have been confirm incoming this November hopefully your teams still can participate in our event and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

And again, we would like to say sorry about the date change for the sake of our health among us.

See you in this November at UiTM Malaysia !!


Mr. Mustaza Ahmad
Sports Centre
Universiti Teknologi MARA


I believe even RPK's No Holds Barred had this article published.

So tell me people, are we learning English in school or BM-lish! Yes the government can flip-flop their decision to teach Maths & Science in Bahasa/English, you know why? Their children do not attend local school like our children. They send their kids to some hosh-posh international school or even overseas boarding school, so they are spared with the hassle of being taught horrible English in school (not withstanding Maths/Science)!

Seriously, if this the quality of uni-grads now (and has been for sometime now!) i can't imagine how they will be years to come!

Half the time, none of the new government staff understand simple English what-more a well spoken bahasa. They all speak the 'kampung bahasa' with their twang!

Worst now, they (govt) want to do away with UPSR!!!!! Aiyooooo stop!!!!!!! Don't mess up up our ONCE sacred Education system (it has mutilated since years now!) Leave our children alone! (I feel like singing Pink Floyd's Song! We don't need no education!!........)
Many thanks to our government for corrupting even our education system.