Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BERSIH or not to BERSIH?

Many of us are at this doldrum. So we walk...or dont we walk? I can imagine most of us having this little voice in us that careful, dont risk it.

Well mine says that, fear of what may happen even with the govt agreeing to the rally to be held in the stadium. Can you imagine a stampede if anything were to happen?

Common sense prevails. I will rally my style. I would love to be there in sense but (sigh!)......... (3 days to go and my mind is going crazy!!!)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ramblings of a ......

Oh well, of recent news in Malaysian tabloid, we only see the case of sex scandal and Sarawak polls (not so much coverage) taking centre stage. The 3 stooges (hmm 3 or 2?) seem to be making head spin, tail spin and yarn spin with this sex scandal.

Politics in Malaysia is akin to sewer and gutter. Why, all because of greed and to keep all their (BN) skeletons intact in the closet. Yes or not? If opposition comes into power, can you imagine the amount of nonsense that will arise? All the crony spending, contract giving, I help you-you help me, many more invented by gutter politicians.

When will this ever end? If let say the opposition win majority..i bet another PERAK will happen and many frogs will be jumping. So once again the gutter politics come in play.

Haiz...what a drama world we live in! Oh wait ONLY IN MALAYSIA; this drama is saucy and juicy with these type! On whose expense? THE RAKYAT (COUNTRYMEN-WOMEN)!! I rather have a womaniser-manizer than murderer or plunder of our wealth! As long he OR she runs this country in good/clean governance with good education, health, welfare, economy; that would be MY WISH!