Monday, September 27, 2010

Value of Money

I am not sure if you have recently noticed that the money value mentioned is amazing!

What I mean by amazing is; recently PAS was offered a RM4bil 'donation' for Kelantan's expansion plans. Soon after which it was pulled back by the offeror, with much controversies attached to it.

Then there is our famous PM's pledge (presented by Idris Jala) for expansion plan in greater KL for OMG even my mind is blowing..RM1.4 trillion for modernization under NEM.

There are other such amounts being used by our govt.Please read the MSM and you will come across it.

Just curious, where is this kind of huge sum coming from? The tax payers monies surely is not enough for their (govt) play money so hey where is this money coming from la? Even if you think the private sector is going to hand over the said sum to you (as what was suggested by Jala), there must be some catch no?

As a simple tax payer, who draws a simple pay and after all deductions, just manage to have a moderate life style, this kind of value of monies mentioned is truly mind blowing. However when I look around, yes there are still poverty (walk with your eye open) and people who live from hand to mouth plus there are also people whom spend like theres no tomorrow! Whats the value of the money?

In forex, right now RM$ is RM4.10 for 1Euro, RM3.10 to 1USD, RM4.80 to 1SP (sterling) and RM2.35 to 1SGD(singapore). Aiyaa...our money value is truly not that great and honestly even if it could be artificially injected to power some body's purse string (VVVVIP) rather than our normal purse string (the rakyat)!

The day that our government honestly look into our (rakyat's) eye and say sorry we wronged you that the day I believe anything said from that stinking mouth of theirs!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dr M: Genesis of racialism began with PAP

Dr M: Genesis of racialism began with PAP (Click here to read his comments - if you want that is)

Can you beat this joker? Aiyooooooo why cant he just shut up and go to grave without being spit at? Sadly some old dogs dont learn, do they?

Friday, June 18, 2010

A network of terror

A network of terror So we are 'grooming' terrorist now, are we? What else is new la!

There have been rumours that the mosque you see along the way to KLIA was funded by the Bin Ladin family, now with this article by NST (on front page, 18th June), I am truly wondering the truth of that rumour! (No smoke without fire yea?)

Well....BN/govt....what do you have to say la?

Tak tahu? (thats the fav response in malaysia!)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Malaysian Govt = CROOK!

More crutches and crookedness

Excellent article.Read it. Well it confirms what we always knew of BN...our own mafia!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Govt Spending Monies on Nonsense!!

Off late, the govt spending habits are questionable. Who can question these people how they spend the tax payers monies? Can we? I truly hope so! Cos what I see is they just spend its like they own the monies themselves!!!

Why do we taxpayer pay taxes? Why..ok, (not in proper order) fund the education system, hospitals (medical care), pay their salaries (a bunch of wasted govt servants!), defense system and so on and so forth. Yes or no?

Ok here's the story, my uncle is hospitalized in GH Ipoh. He is very sick and needs a scan done urgently. Mind you his daughter is a govt servant so he gets full treatment from GH. They need to do a scan on him like pronto but hey the queue for scan is so long and his appointment is somewhere in June 2, 2010. He needs the scan like yesterday but no they turned him away saying "please go to private hospital if you want an urgent scan" AH!!!! Is this how our hospitals are handling medical services? Yes we all understand that to fund a hospital is expensive but hey you are the main hospital in Perak and the equipment should be at least be enuff to cater for the many needy patients.

I bet there are more horror stories all over Malaysia with the inefficiencies and insufficient equipments in hospitals in Malaysia. If that's the case, why does the govt spend monies bribing frogs, paying for votes and nonsensical things when they should be looking into spending that monies rightfully on things that matter to the RAKYAT! Medical, Education, etc??

So disappointing la! Truly disgusted with the way money is spend! You think it will change, I think not. As long as there are selfish, self-centered human being in this GOVT, there will never be good hospitals and education care in this country!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who is bluffing?

Anwar did it to me before: Saiful

Oh well, Saiful has been greased by the Tiger himself Defense Counsel, Mr Karpal Singh. Wow, power pack and Saiful has to be
smart enuff to evade his style. That one I am not sure if Saiful Lieful can handle the cross examination again. He will probably buckle (oh I am soooo waiting for that la!)! Hahahaha...I want to laugh when I read the cross examination questions. Aiyoo Saiful just say that you are acting on 'the higher authority' to discriminate Anwar. Enuff is enuff, dont bloody waste the tax payers monies. As for the mockery of our judicial system, thanks to the man himself, Mahathir, the judges are only doing what their big bosses are asking them to do. So much for fair trial!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'I was not a dictator': Mahathir

'I was not a dictator': Mahathir

So what is he? An ailing (not really) old man who forgot his roots and his 'style' of administration. Corrupted the judicial system while he was in much more. So tell me WHO exactly is Mahathir?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dr M: Umno faces a Chinese dilemma

Dr M: Umno faces a Chinese dilemma

Now this man has gone too far! He is old and like respectable old people he should learn to keep his mouth shut. No! Who is instigating whom? Aiseh man the picture from Malaysian Insider post was soooo unbelivable!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malaysian overseas, can you vote?

Please confirm this will you, all you Malaysians residing overseas.

Hey you Malaysians overseas, have you ever tried exercising your voting rights? Does the embassy allow you to vote? Do you cast your votes?

Well, during one conversation, my cousin sister from UK told me something very interesting. A bunch of her friends in UK had got together to go for votes (during the last GE). They were in for a rude shock! The Malaysian embassy turned them out saying that there was no such service at the embassy!! How funny. So if you are Malaysian (holding the passport mind you) being stationed or studying overseas you can’t vote?

I mean, talk about being very ‘politically’ correct when they want to be; BN says that they are very righteous and fair. So where is the fairness when it comes to Malaysians overseas right to vote? Why are they not allowed to vote? I am not talking about officials of the embassies I am talking about ordinary Malaysians leaving or studying overseas.

So what’s story there la?

So when officials comes visiting!!

Today I was very amused. I saw some DBKL officials (operations dept) at Jalan Solaris doing some clean up.

They were clearing all the ‘nasi lemak’ stalls from the roadside at Mont Kiara. I couldn’t help it; I stopped my car, got down to speak to the officer. I had a complaint too.

You see where I live; the side road is a mess! I hardly see the Alam Flora people clean up (cos it’s under their jurisdiction – under DBKL) Rubbish thrown everywhere and scattered on the 5 foot way. At one time there was even a one-seater sofa set (I even remember the color – blue!) thrown there for the longest time ever!

Today I had to stop by and complaint; so I asked them what they were doing? He told me that this Dato’ Saravanan is coming to Mont Kiara and that’s why they were cleaning up! AH! So only when the official comes, they so gung-ho clean up! If not that place can be a pig-sty (rubbish dump) for all they care. A stone’s throw away- further down, there is kongsi of Indons leaving under the Sunrise Group. How about that?

That is another matter altogether la; as long as there’s construction there will be some kongsi of sorts.

The road along Mont Kiara (entrance to the Solaris area) has one too many pot-holes but hey nothing is ever done! Maybe with this big-shot coming, the roads can be re-paved?? How about it DBKL?

Aiyaaa, the fact when we complain officially (as we are paying our taxes) nothing happens and suddenly there’s one official joker coming, all the staff/workers of the state officials (like DBKL) will be seen doing their work!

How so Malaysia Boleh!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Being a Woman

Bet all of you have been reading the news sensation on the caning of the 3 women. Hmm, and the ladies after the caning apparently repented! Come-come you think truly they repented with the strokes that they didn’t even feel? Like what Marina Mahathir said in her blog, it was like going to a spa! and coming out new!

Sadly the caning will not be a lesson learnt. Much to our dismay, the religious ‘police’ will only attack their women kind. Sad isn’t it? We have moved to the 21st century and yet we need someone like the religious police to teach moral lessons!

In Europe you see many faces of humankind and believe me no religious police here can teach them moral lessons. It’s your right to choose your life the way you want it. You sleep on the bed that you make. If you chose wrong, you live with the consequence. Maybe it bad or good, that’s how the Western/Europeans have been living.

Now back in Malaysia, the Muslim women have been ‘suppressed’ to accept their fate. As long as you are born a Muslim woman in Malaysia (and Arabic countries) you are subjected to the syariah ruling and if you step out of line, you get towed and towed badly!

Maybe I lack the knowledge of Muslim (women) rights (don’t blame me as every time we seek to understand, the pro-Muslims don’t wish to help us understand) but I feel sad that why a woman must be treated in such ways? What about the men? Are they not guilty too? I believe I have posted one article on the rape of an Arabic Woman long time back. She didn’t ask to be raped but she was the victim of this one-sided syariah law.

Double standard practices are also noticeable as mentioned in another blogger’s site under ( Nathaniel – Will we cane the Muslim who had illicit sex with a Mongolian? So how come this fella escaped caning ah? Is he not Muslim? Did he not do any wrong?

As long as there are people who misinterpret the rules of Islam, there will be the obvious abuse of the human-kind and the scapegoat normally being the women, as long as they are under mind. We may have moved into the 21st century but for the Muslim women, they are stuck in the centuries back.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sign Up for VOTING!

So have you registered to Vote? Have you??????!!!***#####$$$?????!!!!!

Instead of being upset and angry with the current situations, maybe you should get your bums up from that lazy chair and go register yourself for the polls. (In any country basically; more so if you are Malaysian).

I have, and I am proud to say I have exercised my right from the time I became 'of age' to vote.

So now when you register, do so earlier before the polls dates are out. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to exercise your votes. You know la, they (govt/SPR) will find all excuses not to update your record.

Recent events in Malaysia have got the younger generation thinking and working their brains. So go on, do the rightful thing and go register to vote! That's the safest way to be heard and not this demo and silent marches, candle vigilant etc.

Every time you think you want to organize a March or something, the police will be there to nab you, fire tear gas at you and hey you will have one addition police record in your file. Don't give them that chance.

When you cast your smart and vote right. Think and vote.

Okay la enuff of me advising you. I am sure you know what to do NOW.

Where to go? GO to your nearest POST OFFICE...easiest to do.

Go check your name, IC number, your area..and who represents your area, for those have registered and NOT VOTED!!!

Okay, okay...I am off to check if my family and friends have registered!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's the Price for Peace?

Of late, many of us have been bombarded with questions, "Is Malaysia peaceful? Is Malaysia truly 1Malaysia? Hey, where's the unity in Malaysia?"
Many of these questions came from my foreign friends whom have read and seen the recent situation in Malaysia on TV news/papers. Now what am I to say? There I was, during my stay overseas, promoting my country and her beauty, her FOOD...(yea its mostly that also!) and mostly her friendly-natured people. HA! Like a slap, some of these people sneered remarks on the recent issue.
Now, as defense I said only ONE thing, Not all Five fingers are same, so in this incident, Not all Muslims are like that. I gave them the proverb, One rotten apple in the basket -business;
Enough said on this issue, so I ask you, whats the price one pays for PEACE? Can we have peace you think? PEACE like a calm effect after a storm. Now Malaysia needs the PEACE to rebuilt its tarnished image. I read Malaysiakini and all its related articles and one article came to my attention. The opinion column "Let them win here, drop the Allah claim"
Yes that's PEACE, to be tolerant is to be able to compromise. Are we Malaysians ready to compromise? (Hmmm, maybe I should do a survey and find out!) So are we? Well I know I am ready. Ready to compromise for the sake of a peaceful environment, for the sake of the economic stability and more so for the sake of mental peace and not worried when we step out of our door, whats going to happen!
You won't believe it but during me recent trip to London I was actually uncomfortable in the Underground due to its attacks/bombing, I was waiting to get out of there and in the open area. Do we want that? I think not.
If both parties are head strong and stubborn in this case of the use of the word "Allah" we will soon be headed that way. Claims can be verified and dated but your faith cannot be shaken or misconstrued if the 'word' is wrongly text /context!
If the so-called Muslims (not all but a handful of rotten apples) are so adamant to lay claim for the said word, why not just give it to them? Are you going to loose your faith or become a weaker one as you are willing to let-go, to compromise, to be the better one?
This is my opinion.
The word.....holds no significant if you don't believe and have faith! ITS JUST A WORD!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!

Hello all out there!

Happy New Year, happy 2010 to all of you.

So what is 2010 going to be for all of us?

Hopefully it will be a better year for the economy, for the poor, for our health!!, wholesomely better for our LIFE!

For us Malaysians, we hope that we have a better government, a better system, for the current government to realize that we the rakyat are not stupid and dumb (as they keep thinking all these years we are!).

Ahem, I wonder if that wishes are too much to ask for?

Whatever, here's to 2010....hopefully you hold a better life for us all...... ;)