Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who is bluffing?

Anwar did it to me before: Saiful

Oh well, Saiful has been greased by the Tiger himself Defense Counsel, Mr Karpal Singh. Wow, power pack and Saiful has to be
smart enuff to evade his style. That one I am not sure if Saiful Lieful can handle the cross examination again. He will probably buckle (oh I am soooo waiting for that la!)! Hahahaha...I want to laugh when I read the cross examination questions. Aiyoo Saiful just say that you are acting on 'the higher authority' to discriminate Anwar. Enuff is enuff, dont bloody waste the tax payers monies. As for the mockery of our judicial system, thanks to the man himself, Mahathir, the judges are only doing what their big bosses are asking them to do. So much for fair trial!

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