Friday, May 14, 2010

Govt Spending Monies on Nonsense!!

Off late, the govt spending habits are questionable. Who can question these people how they spend the tax payers monies? Can we? I truly hope so! Cos what I see is they just spend its like they own the monies themselves!!!

Why do we taxpayer pay taxes? Why..ok, (not in proper order) fund the education system, hospitals (medical care), pay their salaries (a bunch of wasted govt servants!), defense system and so on and so forth. Yes or no?

Ok here's the story, my uncle is hospitalized in GH Ipoh. He is very sick and needs a scan done urgently. Mind you his daughter is a govt servant so he gets full treatment from GH. They need to do a scan on him like pronto but hey the queue for scan is so long and his appointment is somewhere in June 2, 2010. He needs the scan like yesterday but no they turned him away saying "please go to private hospital if you want an urgent scan" AH!!!! Is this how our hospitals are handling medical services? Yes we all understand that to fund a hospital is expensive but hey you are the main hospital in Perak and the equipment should be at least be enuff to cater for the many needy patients.

I bet there are more horror stories all over Malaysia with the inefficiencies and insufficient equipments in hospitals in Malaysia. If that's the case, why does the govt spend monies bribing frogs, paying for votes and nonsensical things when they should be looking into spending that monies rightfully on things that matter to the RAKYAT! Medical, Education, etc??

So disappointing la! Truly disgusted with the way money is spend! You think it will change, I think not. As long as there are selfish, self-centered human being in this GOVT, there will never be good hospitals and education care in this country!

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