Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Malaysian overseas, can you vote?

Please confirm this will you, all you Malaysians residing overseas.

Hey you Malaysians overseas, have you ever tried exercising your voting rights? Does the embassy allow you to vote? Do you cast your votes?

Well, during one conversation, my cousin sister from UK told me something very interesting. A bunch of her friends in UK had got together to go for votes (during the last GE). They were in for a rude shock! The Malaysian embassy turned them out saying that there was no such service at the embassy!! How funny. So if you are Malaysian (holding the passport mind you) being stationed or studying overseas you can’t vote?

I mean, talk about being very ‘politically’ correct when they want to be; BN says that they are very righteous and fair. So where is the fairness when it comes to Malaysians overseas right to vote? Why are they not allowed to vote? I am not talking about officials of the embassies I am talking about ordinary Malaysians leaving or studying overseas.

So what’s story there la?

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