Friday, February 29, 2008


Hi people,

My cousin sent me a very very cute Election Song courtesy of Comedy Court, click and enjoy!

Enjoy too, their other hilarious stints.

Have a lovely weekend, Ciao!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Forgive?, EC & Education

Today I read Malaysiakini's articles on forgiving Samy (under VOX) and others as well.

Do you think Samy needs to forgiven? I actually think he has to ask our forgiveness for all his and his cronies follies.

Like many of the writers, I too express my deepest regret that we have this man who from time and time screws us up so bad. Maybe some were lucky and didn't feel the brunt but many too were very unlucky and suffered terribly. Tired of talking about him la actually!

Wishful thinking that this EC, we see the shift in percentage of power. Honestly its wishful thinking but back of your mind you actually wonder if it will happen. Pondering what the effect maybe, will change one's perception. I asked my dad who he votes for, he replied 'BN'. Asked him why and he replied "peace and for nothing else". He is from old school and there are many old schoolers out there waiting for March 8th. The young ones - some didn't even register! and some registered late (September 07 dateline and we all know why!!), would we truly get the result we are expecting? I hope that there will some effect but i won't hold my breath if it doesn't happen. Sad isn't it?

Yesterday, met up with my cousins and their children and topic ventured into school blah blah and history lessons in school. To my shock, i was informed that the current students do not do world history as much as what we did (I am talking about early 80s students). I was so disgusted that my nephews didn't know somethings we studied, like Boston Tea Party, the Revolution, 2nd world war. They said yes its there but its only maybe 1/3 of what we did. Now it seems they are studying 80% Islamic and Nabi's history. Amazing......... but how relevant is that in the 'world' as in globally challenging to our kids now. Yes please do teach about the prophet and the Islamic history but the kids/teenagers need substance la. No wonder our kids cannot compete with the kids out there!!! If that's history, wonder what they are learning in geography or for that matter ENGLISH!

This i have to tell you, my niece in Ipoh schools in MGS. In std 1, she actually corrected her teacher's English. Her teacher wrote on the board for students to copy and madam wrote it wrongly. My niece quietly went up to the teacher and told her that its wrong. Imagine if she hadn't been the smart cookie type, it would have been left uncorrected and 30 odd students would think that's the spelling!!!!!

It doesn't stop there. The test papers that comes out is so baddddddd that its a disgrace to call our teachers, teachers!!! I must say the older generation had a better class of teachers than this generation. Thanks la Education Ministry for stupefying our children.

Have a safe weekend, cheers!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hot Samy

Just read The Star Online and guess what, Samy Anney said this is his last term (maybe).

Hahahahahahahahaha.....yea i am laughing. Like I believe him la. He is 72 this year, another 5...77 another 5....82. Unless something major happens I see this imbecile in politics!

Now he is complaining that his few elected cronies have not done thier job well. How could they when they have his act to follow. He is a disgrace to the Indian Community, period.

Actually wonder if there is any capable Indian origin guy/lady who can take over his role? Hmmmm...thinking.....................

Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok am back.

More on our local front....

Khir has asked indians to work harder be self-reliant - yea why he won't say, look whats NEP has done for some of the 'gifted' bumis. They need not work hard, they work slow also dapat, they don't work also dapat.

This is classic...check out this para - ' He said they (means Indians) should find ways to lift their economic status through hard work instead of expecting handouts' THE CHEEK OF THIS MAN!!! He is a walking disaster waiting to be executed la. He should go for a drive around TAR road on weekends to see who is working harder and who is 'lepak-king' Work hard **$$$%%%
beeppppppp...sorry censor la. I am so headed to vote la.

Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir tipped for Langkawi.....- all in the family, father and son, father-in-law and son-in-law....tsk tsk tsk.... ahhhh (sigh) why he still wants more money than he already has? There should be a logo " Run for Parliment..its rains money for you"


You know something, i read the papers (mainstream) to have a bloody good laugh!! Then i read malaysiakini to have the adverse reaction.



Ok ..todays paper.;

'I am PM of all races' - yah meh? I didnt realize that lor. Sorry PM no la you mistaken identity or short term memory loss....

'Don't compare Malaysia with Singapore - We are 1st class apples and singapore 1st class grapes' - aren't they both fruits (apples/grapes), yea friend definitely you can't compare singapore and m' can't even go anywhere near them la pakcik. You are far far far away.

'Samy takes on group of hecklers in Prai' - there you go! He is a gangster for sure. Anney fine time for you to leave la...already its ungracefull......

Wait for more yea.....brb

Money, money, money....

How much is ever enough?

My girlfriend is from East Malaysia. She was just telling me how little they make over there but how much they spend. ie cost of goods and services

She, like some other EMs, have moved to the brighter lit cities like KL, Penang or some even Singapore. She was lamenting that she didn't see many younger generation over at her place when she 'balik kampung' for CNY. Yet the cost of things are not cheap. Their pay - so crappy, how to survive, she asks.

Here we WMs are a lucky lot. We pay less for petrol, food, stuffs, why even magazines and papers!!!! Yet we grumble that we have not much money.

She made me reflect on how lucky i am.


War of the Flags have begun in the Nation called Malaysia (Truly not ASIA!)

Just read that EC now has approved using UMNO flags in the areas where it stands. whats that BS? This is reported in The Star (online news). So does that mean MIC or MCA can also fly their flags or just our UMNOites? Nothing was said on that matter.

Actually i really don't care much if MIC does fly their flag, I am no supporter of Samy or the MIC in general.

Just musing.....thats all

Friday, February 15, 2008


I have been totally contemplating this move and today i jumped into the bandwagon of my fellow bloggers! I AM IN!!!!!

I prayer that GOD gives me the patience to write what i have in my mind well and with logic (that sometimes goes haywire) and off course not to offend any know la.

Enuff said, with all 'gungho-firery (if there is such word)-braveheart' i shall take my 1st step into this world of wonderful cyberism.