Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So when officials comes visiting!!

Today I was very amused. I saw some DBKL officials (operations dept) at Jalan Solaris doing some clean up.

They were clearing all the ‘nasi lemak’ stalls from the roadside at Mont Kiara. I couldn’t help it; I stopped my car, got down to speak to the officer. I had a complaint too.

You see where I live; the side road is a mess! I hardly see the Alam Flora people clean up (cos it’s under their jurisdiction – under DBKL) Rubbish thrown everywhere and scattered on the 5 foot way. At one time there was even a one-seater sofa set (I even remember the color – blue!) thrown there for the longest time ever!

Today I had to stop by and complaint; so I asked them what they were doing? He told me that this Dato’ Saravanan is coming to Mont Kiara and that’s why they were cleaning up! AH! So only when the official comes, they so gung-ho clean up! If not that place can be a pig-sty (rubbish dump) for all they care. A stone’s throw away- further down, there is kongsi of Indons leaving under the Sunrise Group. How about that?

That is another matter altogether la; as long as there’s construction there will be some kongsi of sorts.

The road along Mont Kiara (entrance to the Solaris area) has one too many pot-holes but hey nothing is ever done! Maybe with this big-shot coming, the roads can be re-paved?? How about it DBKL?

Aiyaaa, the fact when we complain officially (as we are paying our taxes) nothing happens and suddenly there’s one official joker coming, all the staff/workers of the state officials (like DBKL) will be seen doing their work!

How so Malaysia Boleh!!!!!

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