Friday, February 19, 2010

Being a Woman

Bet all of you have been reading the news sensation on the caning of the 3 women. Hmm, and the ladies after the caning apparently repented! Come-come you think truly they repented with the strokes that they didn’t even feel? Like what Marina Mahathir said in her blog, it was like going to a spa! and coming out new!

Sadly the caning will not be a lesson learnt. Much to our dismay, the religious ‘police’ will only attack their women kind. Sad isn’t it? We have moved to the 21st century and yet we need someone like the religious police to teach moral lessons!

In Europe you see many faces of humankind and believe me no religious police here can teach them moral lessons. It’s your right to choose your life the way you want it. You sleep on the bed that you make. If you chose wrong, you live with the consequence. Maybe it bad or good, that’s how the Western/Europeans have been living.

Now back in Malaysia, the Muslim women have been ‘suppressed’ to accept their fate. As long as you are born a Muslim woman in Malaysia (and Arabic countries) you are subjected to the syariah ruling and if you step out of line, you get towed and towed badly!

Maybe I lack the knowledge of Muslim (women) rights (don’t blame me as every time we seek to understand, the pro-Muslims don’t wish to help us understand) but I feel sad that why a woman must be treated in such ways? What about the men? Are they not guilty too? I believe I have posted one article on the rape of an Arabic Woman long time back. She didn’t ask to be raped but she was the victim of this one-sided syariah law.

Double standard practices are also noticeable as mentioned in another blogger’s site under ( Nathaniel – Will we cane the Muslim who had illicit sex with a Mongolian? So how come this fella escaped caning ah? Is he not Muslim? Did he not do any wrong?

As long as there are people who misinterpret the rules of Islam, there will be the obvious abuse of the human-kind and the scapegoat normally being the women, as long as they are under mind. We may have moved into the 21st century but for the Muslim women, they are stuck in the centuries back.

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