Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sign Up for VOTING!

So have you registered to Vote? Have you??????!!!***#####$$$?????!!!!!

Instead of being upset and angry with the current situations, maybe you should get your bums up from that lazy chair and go register yourself for the polls. (In any country basically; more so if you are Malaysian).

I have, and I am proud to say I have exercised my right from the time I became 'of age' to vote.

So now when you register, do so earlier before the polls dates are out. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to exercise your votes. You know la, they (govt/SPR) will find all excuses not to update your record.

Recent events in Malaysia have got the younger generation thinking and working their brains. So go on, do the rightful thing and go register to vote! That's the safest way to be heard and not this demo and silent marches, candle vigilant etc.

Every time you think you want to organize a March or something, the police will be there to nab you, fire tear gas at you and hey you will have one addition police record in your file. Don't give them that chance.

When you cast your smart and vote right. Think and vote.

Okay la enuff of me advising you. I am sure you know what to do NOW.

Where to go? GO to your nearest POST OFFICE...easiest to do.

Go check your name, IC number, your area..and who represents your area, for those have registered and NOT VOTED!!!

Okay, okay...I am off to check if my family and friends have registered!!

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