Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's the Price for Peace?

Of late, many of us have been bombarded with questions, "Is Malaysia peaceful? Is Malaysia truly 1Malaysia? Hey, where's the unity in Malaysia?"
Many of these questions came from my foreign friends whom have read and seen the recent situation in Malaysia on TV news/papers. Now what am I to say? There I was, during my stay overseas, promoting my country and her beauty, her FOOD...(yea its mostly that also!) and mostly her friendly-natured people. HA! Like a slap, some of these people sneered remarks on the recent issue.
Now, as defense I said only ONE thing, Not all Five fingers are same, so in this incident, Not all Muslims are like that. I gave them the proverb, One rotten apple in the basket -business;
Enough said on this issue, so I ask you, whats the price one pays for PEACE? Can we have peace you think? PEACE ....is like a calm effect after a storm. Now Malaysia needs the PEACE to rebuilt its tarnished image. I read Malaysiakini and all its related articles and one article came to my attention. The opinion column "Let them win here, drop the Allah claim"
Yes that's PEACE, to be tolerant is to be able to compromise. Are we Malaysians ready to compromise? (Hmmm, maybe I should do a survey and find out!) So are we? Well I know I am ready. Ready to compromise for the sake of a peaceful environment, for the sake of the economic stability and more so for the sake of mental peace and not worried when we step out of our door, whats going to happen!
You won't believe it but during me recent trip to London I was actually uncomfortable in the Underground due to its attacks/bombing, I was waiting to get out of there and in the open area. Do we want that? I think not.
If both parties are head strong and stubborn in this case of the use of the word "Allah" we will soon be headed that way. Claims can be verified and dated but your faith cannot be shaken or misconstrued if the 'word' is wrongly text /context!
If the so-called Muslims (not all but a handful of rotten apples) are so adamant to lay claim for the said word, why not just give it to them? Are you going to loose your faith or become a weaker one as you are willing to let-go, to compromise, to be the better one?
This is my opinion.
The word.....holds no significant if you don't believe and have faith! ITS JUST A WORD!

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