Monday, September 27, 2010

Value of Money

I am not sure if you have recently noticed that the money value mentioned is amazing!

What I mean by amazing is; recently PAS was offered a RM4bil 'donation' for Kelantan's expansion plans. Soon after which it was pulled back by the offeror, with much controversies attached to it.

Then there is our famous PM's pledge (presented by Idris Jala) for expansion plan in greater KL for OMG even my mind is blowing..RM1.4 trillion for modernization under NEM.

There are other such amounts being used by our govt.Please read the MSM and you will come across it.

Just curious, where is this kind of huge sum coming from? The tax payers monies surely is not enough for their (govt) play money so hey where is this money coming from la? Even if you think the private sector is going to hand over the said sum to you (as what was suggested by Jala), there must be some catch no?

As a simple tax payer, who draws a simple pay and after all deductions, just manage to have a moderate life style, this kind of value of monies mentioned is truly mind blowing. However when I look around, yes there are still poverty (walk with your eye open) and people who live from hand to mouth plus there are also people whom spend like theres no tomorrow! Whats the value of the money?

In forex, right now RM$ is RM4.10 for 1Euro, RM3.10 to 1USD, RM4.80 to 1SP (sterling) and RM2.35 to 1SGD(singapore). Aiyaa...our money value is truly not that great and honestly even if it could be artificially injected to power some body's purse string (VVVVIP) rather than our normal purse string (the rakyat)!

The day that our government honestly look into our (rakyat's) eye and say sorry we wronged you that the day I believe anything said from that stinking mouth of theirs!

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