Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pot Calling the Kettle Black.....

With much disinterest I read Malaysia Insider's article on Mahathir's criticism of Najib today. So, he (Mahathir) is taking a swing on Najib (however said, Mahathir seems to favour him) for not 'shining' in his post as DPM.
Much to every one's dislike, Najib will be sworn in as PM come April Fool's Day. Yea...we are the Fools in Malaysia. We have to accept him as PM till the next General Elections in 4 years down the road. 'Too much to say but shall not say it', that's what we normal Rakyat think.
Then towards the end of the interview, he comments on Anwar... “He (Anwar) is not to be trusted. He will do anything to become prime minister,” Mahathir said. “During the time when he was my deputy, he was involved in cronyism. He supported a lot of his own people, they became very rich, because he gave contracts to them,” the former prime minister said.

Well I think, all politicians practices this cronyism which incidentally was started by the Maha-Guru himself. Tell me, who doesn't practice this type of thing when they hold a political office????? TELL ME.....

This old man (wise is something i shall reserve) should truly retire in style. So he pokes his nose and prods a lot of things, also opens up cans full of worms in the UMNO-ring. Is he demon or the devil in disguise, angel....I don't know. All I know is that Politicians are unscrupulous and a bunch of money-mongrels. All and sundry like us Rakyat are the Fools who believe and put them in their seat and what do we get.......... Nothing!!

Aiyaaaa.....whatla to DO!

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