Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whipping for Bread.......

Just was reading The Malaysian Insider and came across a very silly article.

Saudi Arabia to whip, jail 75-year-old widow
CAIRO, March 10 – The sentencing of a 75-year-old widow to 40 lashes and four months in prison for mingling with two young men who were reportedly bringing her bread has sparked new criticism of Saudi Arabia’s ultraconservative religious police and judiciary.

Read more here http://m.themalaysianinsider.com/articles.php?id=20013-saudi-arabia-to-whip-jail-75-year-old-widow

Seriously, so they expect her to starve to death? Religion is one thing but taking it to heights of these kind of unthinkable heights...is totally UNTHINKABLE!!

So if Malaysia were la to say (just a figure of speech) turn into an 'Arabic' style rule...there goes all the party, drinking, mixing and mingling even for the Malays. No more tight jeans (have your bums exposed kinda jeans) and all the makeup too!! No more teh-tarik sessions and lepaking with kawan-kawan sessions too. That sure sounds scary isn't it?

Aiyoooooo........ cannot la!!! So how? Poor old lady just for bread she gets whipped!!!

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