Saturday, May 9, 2009

Keep doing THIS .....

All abuzz on the story of Perak and how 'ceremoniously' our hero Siva was dragged out of his seat and lately how Najib's/Keris's release of the ISAed HIndraf guys is a sign of smoking the peace pipe for the upscale 'kidnap' of Perak's state.

True, true, true...yes,yes,yes.... all is true isn't it. They did kidnap our beloved state and then dragged 'THE MAN' out of his chair and now suddenly the Hindraf guys are suppose to be released! How so timely I must say. Their timing is something to be 'admired'!

To my utter disgust (by the way disgust is something I have been feeling since all the fiasco in Perak started!) our DPM comes on Bernama Astro News yesterday nite (May 8,09) and say - Yes, Siva should be dragged out and how rowdy the PR have been in the Dewan and how the PA system had been 'abused'. Aiyoo kawan, you watched YOU TUBE or not? Possibilities he can't recognize which goons are his and which guys are PRs?? Who were the rowdies? Please someone rewind the tape for him la. Please pay attention prior to opening your mouth la. can catch the following
As for the Ganesan the dubious SPEAKER.... hahahahaha we still don't recognize you as the official speaker and so goes for the Zamry guy as con MB. Thanks Malaysiakini for the scenes. So who are the gangsters and rough-fians?

How Bernama so 'righteous' reports a so one-sided story is amazing. Journalism to the drains in Malaysia la. All TV stations affiliated to UMNO/BN are so bias yes? Well honestly that's the Malaysia we have been living in for sometime now.

When the change does come, mind you they will pull the rug under the feet of the 'winners' as they cannot face the fact they (BN) are not wanted at all. BN just have been nailing their coffin themselves.

Self destruction mode their in now just will help us RAKYAT to see where JUSTICE shall prevail.

Word of advise...please keep doing this...please...and PR/DAP/PAS should actually say thank you to BN for paving their way into our hearts and mind.

Terima Kasih and Selamat BN

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