Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are you Staying?

You know its amazing that how some court procedures amazes us.

Many lawyers complain on the lateness of their cases being heard and wham!, in the case of Court of Appeal, The Stay order has been processed in EXPRESS MODE. Wow, so nice that staffs in the appeal courts are working so over-zealously in this instance.

When its the opposition's order, sorry-la you don't see the speedy-gonzales here. They take their own-sweet time. What does that confirm here? YES COURTS ALSO BNites. lan-chow la this judicial kangaroo court. (Actually we all know it but hey, just want to goreng abit know the feeling right!)

Any who, we are back into court - to appeal his stay, his over-stay and his no-stay. Yea this stay business is becoming a messy business!

Whilst all this happening, have these stayers thought of the STATE they have placed Perak in? What about the progress or non-progress of the state's business? Are the staff of State doing their work? Who is BOSS or do they report to Con-Boss?

As for Mandey-la (thats otak kau! - tamil) and Can't-see-ji Zombie say you have the Rakyat's feeling at heart (Aiyoo you touched me la dey! hahahaha) then you should do it correct. Show your boss (ahem...Fed gov) you are a better man ( be seen) by apologizing for all your nonsense and bubar assembly. Waste not our money for your legal battles!

We all know Nizar wants to bubar the assembly but Zamry.....looks like he wants everything! His stay shall be over-stay!!!

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