Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The outcome of the court decision for legal MB for Perak is amazingly suprising. Yeah, my bet lost!

Even though I am happy with the result but somehow I have this nagging feeling something is so not right. However given the current circumstances, I guess its expected, ain't it.

I mean after the Perak Assembly seating the chaos,damage control BN let off the Hindraf guys from Kamunting and then with the rage of Rakyat with the recent turn of events and not to 'anger' the Rakyat more, BN decided to return Perak to the rightful MB (even if they are saying not so!)

Now our Perak MB should and with the Sultan's blessing (and no hard-feelings) should dissolve the assembly and have fresh elections. Yes its a costly matter but hey compared to BN's gang supposed spending-spree the Perak coffers, its ok la. This is something to do 'rightfully' and PR please show BN how to govern in a correct manner.

Whats the moral of the story......In Politics of BN, there is no moral!

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