Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congrats Malaysians!

Yee Haaa!

I am truly happy that we (the minority Malaysians) have spoken and reacted well.

That should be awake call to BN guys who have been too cushy with their positions. People like Samy should realize, people put him there and the same people can shift him OUT too.

To our PM, that's OK you have another 4 odd years to prove that you are worthy and keep your promise and do the right things with immediate effect. Don't listen to what the hypocrite like Mahathir says. He is a fine one to speak, the cheek of that man. He led a corrupt country for 20 odd years...and now he calls the kettle black! Enough la Mahathir, go cry elsewhere.

Whats worse he wants Najib to be PM!!! Alamak that's disaster in making already. Wonder what Najib and he are cooking up. Looks like our ex PM is getting crazier by the day.

DAP, PKR do whats right and do it right. Worry not, you are beginners and mind you people will say lots of nonsense (you know sore losers) but work together and stay together..that should be good. All new staff go thru probationary the same for you la.

Khir stay the hell away and shut up! You have no right to talk now. You have messed up all in Selangor and I am sure there will lots of your nonsense coming out soon for us to hear about. You go relax with all the money you made and stay away ok. That goes also for all those people who are dropped out too.

Now Samy and Subra are back in terms....aiyoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Samy you are sick fella la. Never mind you cannot get the people's trust lost it friend. Go home to whoever the woman you have now and just chill. Hang your politics jacket in the wardrobe ok. POHTEM!

Again, hurrah to all who took their time off and went to vote.


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