Monday, March 3, 2008

Election Poem

Last Sunday, my husband and I went for breakfast and when we got back, we saw this flyer on our car windscreen. Thought this poem was very good and decided to post it. Author..unknown but for sure it was the opposition party people, no one claim responsibility..... (so far!)
In 2004
We gave them a huge vote of confidence
These four years,
they lied to us
threatened us
divided us
they insulted our women
they let crime fester
and we sat quiet.
They stole our money
they raised our tolls, food and fuel
and had the gall to tell us:
change your lifestyle
they mocked our intelligence
changed our history
and we sat quiet.
They bought submarines and jets;
less for defence, but for commissions
they holidayed while we drowned in floods
they smashed our holy places
they destroyed or built heritage
they sold our green lungs
they fed their cronies
fed them very, very well
and we sat quiet.
Come March 8, 2008
They are asking us to vote them
yet again!
So folks, do your civil duty and don't complain if you are not agreeable with things that may come later!

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