Friday, March 7, 2008

Stupidity taken to another level.

Today morning, as I was having my breakfast, I saw this maybe 5 months pregnant mom -to-be walking by. The road was uneven, granted but the stupid woman was wearing a high heel!!!!! Aiyoo how stupid could she be! Didn't anyone advise her that when u are pregnant u are to wear a low heel or slightly heel (for back reasons) shoes/slippers.

She nearly fell forward! Thank god for a car parked at the side that she managed to hold on the side! Imagine what would have happened if not! I wanted to shout so badly but a passerby gentleman rapped the lady instead.

That brought back memories to me. Last week I saw another pretty Malay pregnant girl having tea in TTDI Devi's. She was with friends and when she got up I noticed she was wearing a high-heel shoes. There..another stupid one! This girl was full bloom in pregnancy. Then later her so gay friend was puffing away his/her cigarette into the pregnant lady's face! I couldn't help it but starred at the guy-girl whatever and they were so oblivious!

I feel so disgusted when i see these things. People taking things for granted (like their pregnancy and health) what some of us are not able to enjoy.

When I see women with cigarettes and puffing away like high heaven i actually shake my head and voice my disgust. (My husband always shakes his head and tells me its not my business) Yeah, I guess but hey I am inhaling the SMOKE!!!!

I hope that these women or women in general actually get a reality check. Yea Yea women's lib and all but please-lah, when it comes to health and the health of your baby in the tummy...use some brains!!

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