Monday, March 3, 2008

Count Down To Polls

Okay...this is the last week..well last few days before we head to the polls. Are we mentally prepared? Are we ready to face the outcome of this GE?

Hmm...I am not sure myself. I was just reading malaysiakini and yes there are many things for us to think about and face but are we bold enough?

Our PM promises things and also has yet to fulfil his other promises he made in the 2004 GE. What makes us think he will keep any? What with all that's happened before? He needs time..on our expense!

Samy...let's not even go THERE!!!!! Sg Siput please wisely vote or you might be short changed as you have been short-changed all this while. He shows his samseng Puthi (brains) when his goons tried to ban the women activist in his area. MCP!

Rembau...with Khairy the scary!! If he comes into power that's no stopping him. Lethal combo with father-in-law and cronies in Finance Dept!

Anwar..via his daughter or wife......hmmm will he keep his words? Now this man is smart, a vengeance to seek on what he has gone thru.

DAP Lim KS, now with him you know we get the punches.

Swim in pantai with Shahrizat. Is she for real? She has Tony Fernandez and smart bankers opening for her rallies. What is her track record actually?

As for MCA guys...can't say much there but like any party I am sure there's probs too.

SO fellow Malaysian voters...good luck & tick right!

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