Monday, November 24, 2008

If you gonna ban things do it RIGHT.

Sensationalized news on the FATWA banning the yoga has become every one's conversation piece today.

I was at my hair dresser today when a few of us were talking about it. My stylist a Malay lady actually was not happy about it. She didn't see any harm in practicing yoga so long she doesn't do anything that's uncomfortable for her. Her faith is strong and not yoga or anything was gonna shake her faith. Well my sentiments exactly.

If you have a strong and sound faith, why are you so frightened that an exercise may shake it? Now if we are to question that, we will be thrown in prison with no chance of a trial.

If the counsel was so into it, then please do things right. There are so many gays out there, even we have our celebrity chef who is gay. Kindly issue a fatwa on that. Please also go the shopping malls where there are so many gays working as fragrance and cosmetics sales person.

When you garland someone, now that is an Indian tradition....why do that? Kindly issue a FATWA on that too.No Muslims are to be garland.

I am not criticising the FATWA but I think the whole issue has been totally mutilated. Why after so long this came about? Why?

Sigh........are we going back many steps when we are suppose to be moving forward.

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