Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Signboards and politics

Azalina: Don't politicise tourism signboard issue ....as reported in The Malaysian Insider, Mon Nov 24.

Well looks like Azalina is at it again, now its the road signage well the smaller ones.....however there is another signboard of a BIG kind from Tourism Dept that has been confusing me for a long while (since she took over the ministry actually).The signboards you see around the highways and by-ways with her face and Badawi's plus Najib's.

This is a no-brainer. Why have their faces on a TOURISM SIGNBOARD?? So not related....so DUH la.

I have no understanding what these three people got to do with beautiful tourist destinations in Malaysia?

By the way, when Najib takes over as PM, you will have to replace the boards..yes or no? The cost again will be incurred....and lets say the Najib stint is short-lived, then what, change again thus incurring more COST. Why are you people so fixated to SPEND MONEY instead of SAVING as the world is riding into recession? Io non capisco!

This is why we should have more well educated people on board of our government boat. So far we have no-brainers.

By the way, I will try and get a picture of a signboard to adorn my weblog....

They never cease to amuse us, these no-brainers.....

Boun giorno!

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