Thursday, December 11, 2008

Economics, Money and things to consider!

Yeap, off late everyone is buzzing around with money talk and how to make ends meet when the we face the financial crunch. However I note that, Malaysian politicians are very positive about the economics of the country.

Truly wonder if they had their facts right or just another shooting off their mouth session. Looking around me, here in Europe, I can see the crunch being effected. People are spending less (mind you its christmas season!) and if they have to they spend on their children and not on themselves.

In London, for example, its total sale. They have dropped the price with further discount but people were not buying or swiping their cards. Well from where my girlfriend and I stood, like us, many were window shopping. When there were purchases, it was for their kids or necesities. I kept converting my pounds to ringgit and honestly, it was sad to part with money and some were very good buys! Had to resist!!

In Dubai, on the other hand, people were spending!! Yes this new world, artifical to me though, people were stinking with money. Yes, oil rich, they can. They drive around with big cars throwing money with parties, nite clubs at Atlantic and The Palm! The exchange rate just a few cents difference to us. Made me wonder why the middle eastern go crazy buying things in Malaysia as they too have everything, every name it they have it! On the sad end, there were many too, whom are there for money, earning it the hard way!

In Italy, now this one, you can see the par difference. There are a bunch of people finding every means to get 1 euro. Yes, like Malaysia, you have beggars, and not so much like Malaysia, you have vagebonds. They go around house to house or stations carrying a baby trying to make money (fast) instead of earning for it. Much like some parts of India and Indonesia come to think of it. It irks me and I am sorry but I never give them money. Economics here too fast going down like many european counterparts. Their PM, largely controls the TV media, and entertains the public with nonsense so they won´t actually worry about meaningful things!

Then you watch the news on BBC/Skynews and see places like Greece with its massive riots which infact will do no good to the economy of the country. People don´t seem to mind! They have to bring their corrupt government to a stand still and oust their PM apparently.

Truly made me think, yes Malaysia does sound more like paradise, but this paradise will vanish soon (no timeframe) if our government keep sweeping problems under the rug. Sad yes, but true. It scares me to think if people are suppressed, the result will be devasting! Devasting both to its economy and its people. The last time I saw paradiso Malaysia, people were spending money like like water and must say some were more frugal. As for me, I just thank god I have another day to see sunshine, rain and breath freshness...and yes worry that our savings are safe!

Well, if I don´t get to a nearest internet cafe before x´mas and year end, don´t wish to leave this blog so grey!,

Wishing all a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful new Year! May the New Year bring new beginings to all of US.

P/S forgive me if there any spell errors, the spell check went kaput on me!

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