Friday, February 6, 2009

The 'State' of Perak

To all, Happy New Year, Chinese New Year Thaipusam...etc. Yea, I've been away from blogging for sometime. Thought will try and change for the new year. You know, I tried keeping my resolution (and promise to my hubby) that I shan't blog..or write my thoughts out for all and sundry to read its not working!!!

Today I officially came out of the promise (sorry husband). I can't sit quiet and read whats happening to my fave hometown/kampong...ipoh/perak.

Aiyoo....lagi lagi..these dingbats do these and slap our faces over and over again. Is this why we voted last March? Is this why many rakyat came out to voice their 'feelings' towards the current BN/UMNO-tri-party goons? We chased you people out for a reason however looks like our Sultan thinks not. He is our keeper but he failed to keep our hearts happy by bringing the very people we chased out BACK!

Funnily he did it right after he spend the money of state celebrating his JUBILEE REIGN!!! Many people who have come to Ipoh and parts of the state have commented how Perak has become cleaner after it had been taken over by so short-lived.

Why did you do it Sultan Azlan?? WHY?? Why slap your rakyat on their faces? I don't understand... SIGH...Did we not pay our taxes, did we not celebrate your jubilee in a grander fashion maybe....MENGAPA TUANKU???

Looks like we have to wait for the next GE to really get THEM to hear us Once and FOR ALL.

Rightly or wrongly he did what he did, (money or no money spent/received) as he deemed fit. We the rakyat shall do what we do best..keep fighting for JUSTICE...

As many people know, Justice is DEAD in Malaysia. It has been dead and blasted for sometime. Till it resurrects.....

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