Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DR. M and his fued with Zaid....Ex-Gratia Payment

Out of curiosity, today I read, our 'wonderful' ex-PM's blog. I was laughing so much and thinking to myself, this man truly has balls to come out and criticised the ex-Gratia payment made to the judges he sacked. Hmmm.....what do they call these type of people?

Then he goes on saying how Zaid, with his firm got lucrative business and how Zaid benefited from NEP. Yes...and you (DR M) didn't benefit anything being PM, your children didn't benefit anything from it too?? Aiyoo so paavem la he!

He earned RM240k per annum as a PM. With such money he manage to live so luxuriously, own god knows how many palaces, mansions and estates in and out of the country and not to mention monies stashed in overseas banks. Hey he is SO BEGGING to be investigated by ACA....but our ACA is not an independent body - they cannot go against their former master leh!

This truly a joker la. What even balled me over is the comments posted on the subject. Aiyoo a*se-carrying to the tilt you will see, man! Where do these people come from???? No wonder we still have such a low opinion of general Malay-sians! (Note the hyphen).

Are we that STUPID ah? Does he think we the younger generation are THAT STUPID?? TATA, stop your bickering and start 'enjoying' whats left of your life...hey you are in your 80s! Unless you have some major 'help' to stay until 100 over....just enjoy your last few years LA!!!!

However I don't see that happening as his puppets are going up the stage next year. We are going to be kept entertained by his puppets in POWER! Next year we can have banners reading, Malaysia - 'Fairy Tale' Land of ASIA!!!Yee-Hah... hey wonder if Najib can be Pinocchio...then we can know when he lies (errrr....carpenters out-there you have recurring job!)

Long live the 'Dragon-king'!!!!!!!!!!!!errrrghhhh!! Are there any strong Dargon-slayers out there???)))))))))

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Argus Eye said...

I shared you reaction after reading what mahathir had to say yest. of all people, mahathir? asshole of the highest order. requires a lot of guts though, to proudly exhibit his thick guess would be, he has 3 balls.