Friday, November 21, 2008

Cat Fight!

So these two are gonna meet in the arena. Now i bet the tickets for this fight are all sold out! LOL...exclusive for UMNO-putra only OK!

Well whatever, their agenda behind fighting for the TOP post in the women's division is very clear - not much different from their counter-part of the opposite sex -Men's division. They have to enrich their purse strings before they are booted out (or not).

Rafidah wants to stay another 3 years if she wins, as reported in Malaysiakini.

Has anyone of them, both women and men in UMNO camp ever thought about the people they are suppose to be representing? A LOUD NO!

Actually to be fair, same for all the component parties of BN- MIC/MCA are no better too.

At the end, we the innocent rakyat are the victim of these 'fights', 'secret agendas' and etc.

The day they put the country 1st in their will be dooms-day in Malaysia!!! One thing for sure, they paid extra attention in politic-class of theirs where their Professor was none other than Mahathir himself! He taught them VERY well. BRAVO!

Hmmm...not to sound so bias, even our new opposition had some classes from the Professor. There are some oldies like DAP/PAS who are the rebels in class.

Entertainment year 2009 for Malaysia! Azalina.....maybe you can promote this for your tourism la.

Have a lovely weekend!

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