Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aiyoooo Samy!!!

Looks like "the man" is back to terrorize the Indians la!

Looks like the Indians in Malaysia are still dingbats to believe this liar and 'gangster' and his gang!

To make things worse, the PM has promised more goodies if the Indians 'respond'! What a laugh!!!! What goodies, more like biscuit crumbs cos we are the last to get anything. Don't forget in the pie, mostly goes to UMNOites and then the crumbs are thrown to the balance of flock. Saki-baki pun mereka nak telan (even the crumbs they (bn/umno) want!)

Samy talk big only...challenging all the 'orang besar'.

People like him make my skin crawl. They (MIC) have only brought the community to a stand still. Look at the MAIKA shares, look at the Tamil schools, look at the universities, look out there!!! Oh no I forget, he doesn't go out! He only comes out when he wants to garner his votes for his goons and himself!

Pariahhhh...that's the MIC I know.

Sorry my blog this time has some harsh words but these MIC people have never learnt any lesson.

MIC volligeh!!

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