Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tradition & Religion

Any religion in itself is a beautiful religion. However, the practise of any religion is tarnished by the said people themselves.
There are many hypocrites who go around preaching that they are holier than thou when they themselves are the ones who tarnish the beauty of their religion!
Don't go so far. I was Hindu by birth and now I am a Christian. I have been called a hyprocrite due to practising my tradition. Tradition is something I hold greater to my heart. Yes I am Indian, so I follow the Indian tradition. No law is there for forbidding you to practice a tradition.
Tradition and Religion are separate subjects. One should address them differently and always see them as such. They co-exists but are not ONE.
Right now, in Malaysia, we have been bombarded with matters of how the model and mum, Kartika will be caned for her not following her religion. She repented, she admited but on how the sentence shall be carried out is another matter.
In Malaysia, there are several religion and tradition co-existing. Nothing wrong with that, however certain quarters used this as their truimph card to embattled another into a tussle. They knowingly do it, as the 'use of religion' in some hands are 'arsenal'.
Books written by prophets, are guidelines used in enforcing the religion. A scientist can on the other hand challenge this and ask, so did GOD say this and that. Never ending argument and a hassle to argue.
At the end, we, are burdened to weigh what is right and what is wrong. Honestly the Vatican is against abortion. I would weigh it, will this child have a home? Will the parent/parents take care of it and bring the child up in such condition? What if the child is handicap? Is the society taking care or is the church going to take care of it? What if the child's parents are children themselves?? What then? Look at the many abandon children out there!
One can pray so many times a day and when he or she comes out of the temple/mosque/church and then cast a curse or hurt someone knowingly...does that make a person a good hindu, christian or muslim? my uncle use to say..'bloody humbug!'
I can write on more but suffice to say, I'd probably anger lots of people with what I write. Honestly, I answer to GOD and GOD only. So if I anger GOD then, he shall punish me accordingly. Not some men who think they can play GOD.
So drinking is 'haram' aka 'sin' in Islam. So don't drink. However there are lots of them who drink. In Turkey, their fav drink 'Raki' which is ALCOHOL. They drink that! So go whipping and caning them as Turkey is a Islamic Country and almost all who drink are muslims there.
The subject is wide and spread. We can cry to Kingdon come, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror every morning and know in our heart if we have been a GOOD PERSON, HONEST PERSON and HUMBLE PERSON. That matters most cause half the battle will be won if ONLY they (the people out there) think like that.
I am no saint (God forbid) and I am no angel but I don't wish any bad on another person, knowingly.
Kartika, you are a better muslim than MANY (holy-man included!!) out there!

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