Friday, September 18, 2009

The Serapu..sirruppu...!!!!!!

Wow, the' slipper garland' remark has gained a great momentum from all and sundry!

Ok some Tamil language lessons before we start ; Serapu - Slipper Sirruppu - laughter/joke Taingeh - WornOut Malley - Garland

First and foremost, that remark should have been for Samy Vellu(SV) and not Mahathir(TDM). However equality plays an important role here too. (hehehehehe)

Okaylah, if the guy wanted to garland TDM with serapus,they should get taingeh serapus malley for SV!!!!! so they (TDM/SV) can bersama-sama gembira (happy together). You know why?

YES!!! Cos they didn't do anything so great for their own communities!!! Both are well known for their cronyism, sarcasm, corruption, money-politics, all talk-cockness, the list goes on and on and on....

Even if TDM pinned Malaysia on the World Map; he brought along with it all his other 'attributes' and not to mention the biggest contribution - RACIALISM!!!! Because of him Malaysia today stands un-united when he should have righted his wrong and made it UNITED.(Safe except for some Rakyat whom are struggling to be united and not divided as they (UMNO/BN n gang wants))

So same goes to SV, the man should have made Indians proud of him for doing things right but NO, they all CURSE him and his family for their 'bullying tactic'. The amount of remarks that were listed on Malaysiakini and The Malaysian Insider wow was amazingly colourful!

So....TDM/ goes la...Taingeh Serapu!!!!!!!!

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