Thursday, May 22, 2008

School Uniform!!!!!

The most hiliarious topic i read at was one Munirah saying that white school uniform blouse is too sexy (if one reads it right) for the girls!

"An Islamic group today condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex."

Er duh! Now this is the new thing ,is it? Men are men, even young children to some physco men are ancouraging them to rape a kid!!!!! You can wear a baggy blouse or attire would drive them to say or do something stupid.

Women, I am not saying all are wonderful angels. There are a some who encourage nonsenses and gets the brunt of it. Now just because of some incidents, this is now the Education Dept's main worry??

Munirah, makcik, tolong-lah. There are more pressing things in this country's education system thats need to be looked into and it's not UNIFORM! One other blogger had posted on the level of spoken and written english as well as malay should be Education Dept's priority.

I have a few more

a) Teachers' ENGLISH and MALAY should be looked into!
b) Teachers' level of understanding before teaching students rubbish!
c) Teachers' overall performance should be looked into!

Aiyoo Munirah, if you have nothing bright to say, don't say anything!

If this keeps up, Malaysia will go back being third world country and the mentality to boot!

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