Monday, May 12, 2008

Round and round The Mulberry BUSH!!

Hi people!
I have been away for the last two weeks. Just been out of touch!!! I was reading or catching up on the RP case and off course all the hubla on the related cases - cyber space and what not.
Amazing what our under-dogs can come up with.
You know, they are just going round and round..the petai tree actually!
They think we the rakyat can be hoodwinked? Ahmmmmm not so easy friend. They have lots of nonsense to clear up and honestly they have yet TO START!!!!!! To think it has been now 2 months since our elections and all we see is finger-pointings and back-bitings.
Tired of the bickering and tired of the excuses they come up with. Wonder if they will ever learn. So far not!
Long live the internet and cyber-space.
Regards and cheers!

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