Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All Things gone crazy

Hey people!

Well with whats happening to this country, I won't be suprise if our blogsites will soon be 'disrupted' due to technical glitch...yeah you know what i mean. It happened to one famous blog site but maybe mine ain't that famous la.

Been reading 'Malayskini' online and honestly, I do not and have not trusted the MSM for sometime now. So my source of proper news is online via MK and off course my fav blogsites, sloone, kit and niamah.

Yesterday our wonderful sleepy PM started pointing fingers to bloggers and wagged it hard enuff but alas he forgot the his balance 4 fingers were pointing back at him!!! and off course not to forget his cronies la.

You can blame as much you want En PM but you have failed miserably to uphold your office in a decent and honourable manner. You are a shame just like MM.

You and your people have been so swallowed in the greed and you have forgotten what is honour and integrity. Its a joke that we have an Institute Integrity Malaysia just off Jln Duta!!! Wonder what they are doing or what kind of integrity they are dealing with and not to forget how much their are spending our hard earned MONEY!

Malaysia is truly gone to the DOGS!

Ciao malaysia that we so much love.......

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