Thursday, July 17, 2008

So whats next??

Okay we have had (and still having) our full day with Malaysiakini...incidentally, I am so happy we have at least this site to get 'proper' undoctored news. (Hmm....another interesting topic to chat about!) Whats our so intelligent PDRM's and Gov's next move?

Yea..even Raja Petra is not spared. His arrest was on the grounds of defamation. If Rosmah is not suing RP why is there so much hubla? Why arrest this man unless there is something to hide la. Hmmm....conspiracy theory 2* Maybe they found out (with their so brainy Intl Unit) that RP has his evidence of the so called involvement was gonna come out with wham..lets shut this fella up before it gets out* Theory only ah...

Honest to sick i am with all these happenings it portrays Malaysia as a JOKE. Get me no wrong, yes we have these things happening in other countries too (no doubt about it) but the way its handle...all stinks high heaven of corruption and mismanagement of the highest order.

Your guess is as good as mine....whats next BN,PDRM,.....????? Anxiously awaiting.......

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