Monday, July 14, 2008

Malaysia Terrorized?

Yeah, all KLites and counterparts would have been screaming mad today morning! I sure was. Not only was i late, I was burning fuel sitting in the blinking jam, which is precious commodity these days!!!!

Sigh....all for what? Cos someone, over-zealous authority of our wonderful gomen suddenly thinks that we are on national threat by 1!!!! man. DUH big TIME LA!!

Either we have lost it (our system) or they like usual try to use this is as an excuse to cause chaos (using us citizens as alibi es). Bloody lame if you ask me.

Home Affairs looked smug today as he gave statement and apologises, yea brother but our fuel was burning and then folks who took the public transport had a raw deal too!

We have turned into a country whose government is now scared off its own citizen. Wallah!!!

Jokes aside, have we truly gone beyond it? So this man (AI) is calling you (Govt/BN)bluff and this is how you react? Go around shutting roads,pulling off people at curb sides like some gangster-thugs?

Oh Malaysia...what have you become??? Oh What have you become?


-crash- said...

we are becoming "nothing". by the way, the glitch you mention... is already happening. can't you feel how slow and how inaccessible some site has become?

Anonymous said...

today, thursday also jam la

JeyJey said...

yes...its very true crash.

LOL I am working in an IT environment....believe me its bloody slow (int access)