Friday, September 12, 2008


Today I spent reading some comments and also contributed to some at Susan's blog site. There was this chap..'Bola Hangus' who twigged me with his comments. He had the heated fire ball in him (very apparent in his writings) that kept lashing out at anyone whom made comments. He never failed and kept at it..he even called himself 'laser'.

Sometimes i too get heated up when i read comments that are disturbing. Recent events here (in Malaysia) has seen many of us in this situation. One of the many too got banish for 3 years. Some have a rawer deal and been detained under ISA and there are other like us...blogging it and fearless to what the repercussion maybe.

MCMC banned one blog/website...god knows why but they did and today was told to lift the ban.

Is it wrong to speak ones mind? Is it wrong to ask questions? I was told by teachers and parents alike to ask as many questions i want (even now!). Is it also wrong to speak one's mind then if one wish to voice their opinion? What a complex world we live in.

In Malaysia, this freedom to speak yet limited access to it only came by after Mahathir's resignation. Even he is enjoying the blogsphere now! One good thing AAB did was to open this option to us Malaysians...late but still we are here.

Lets use the blog for right reasons and be more 'open-minded' when commenting but I must say this - please leave vulgarity on the doorstep before you enter into this sphere.

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