Friday, September 26, 2008

What is happening?

As you are all aware, these last couple of weeks have been truly interesting and infuriating for many of us in Malaysia.

What with the 3 detained in ISA and only 2 released leaving Pete still in detention plus the turmoil within UMNO and its presidency and not forgetting Anwar's promises.

One can only shake the head and sigh heavily. As for me, I am amazed at what lengths our wonderful UMNO bosses go to retain their POWER SEAT as this Presidency seat automatically makes the incumbent the Prime Minister of this country. We the Rakyat have no power to elect our PM, only UMNO-ites can do that. Only they can elect their President and this guy then becomes the PM. How odd yea?

If one asks why then we are subjected to ISA or detained under sedition act. Such law only makes the Rakyat more angrier and to demand an answer. However due to their 'Bossy" attitude, the Rakyat will be left in the dark and have to accept whom the UMNOites decides to elect as their President and subsequently as our PM.

He may be a sleepyhead, a YES man, a crook, a racist, a pariah, a murderer, a wise man (errr....sorryla so far none in candidacy), a man who respects all and sundry (the multi-national rakyat) (ok this also none) and the list goes on, we have to accept.

Why are we not like other countries where we can elect our PM ah? I mean yes we have the GE and that only decides which party rules the Government however looking at the trend its always been BN and its major player being UMNO and its supremacy; they hold all power and absolute power to this country's well being.

Thus far, the POWER has been misused, abused, ridiculed and worst of all led to arrogant way of handling matters of this country and its people. We had 20 plus years of that rule and another 4 plus years of ignorance and god knows how many more of plundering years to go on.

Is there NO END? We can only pray and pray very hard that we get some change in this country. How and when is still a question mark. Whether Anwar or by some miracle the new UMNO president has a change of heart (major heart transplant would be required here looking at the situation) we shall have to brave it.

The younger generation whom are looking at them(UMNO-BN/PKR), they shall be brought up with a mindset that they can (when older) rule the country as they wish - as being done currently. Consequence be damned.

Malaysia.....good luck you need it and more.

As for Anwar and his promises, whether its a reality or not, only time can tell. When it happens then its major history in making. We shall not venture into that sector yet.

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