Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Najib's Cry for Support??!! HUMBUG!

Courtesy of MalaysiaKini....

Najib wants Indians, Chinese to back BN
Aug 19, 08 10:48am
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak made a plea to the Chinese and Indian communities in Permatang Pauh - come back to the Barisan Nasional's fold.

BN is up to no good yet again! This only happens during elections when they realize that they need the Indians and Chinese to make the majority. WHY NOW????? What BN via him dangles..Scrap Metal License for indians and other stuffs for Chinese...oh and by the way they gave 'Datukship' to Lee CW for his silver medal in Olympics.

Truly...tell us one good reason why we have to vote for BN this by-election in PP? You guys have been slip-sliding recently with administration of the country and mocking the judicial system and all these laughable accusations thrown at opposition party.

Actually in all good admin system, there should always be check and balance. However if BN wins...sorry la these checks and balances shall never appear in our Country. They make check...and unbalance it as they have been doing for these 51 years. The prove being the state our country is run.

I just hope and pray that these Indians and Chinese in PP are not bought over by these so called 'goodies' BN is throwing out and not to mention the Malays too.

By the way why only 3 ceramah of oppositions have been approved whilst BN got 7 approved? Err...why ah? Why not give half-half? Why are they so frightened?

My greatest wish that opposition wins... PKR and not PAS. Somehow just don't trust PAS, as, if they win they might just forge an alliance with BN and give it back to BN! Hey that can happen whose to say NO?

Aiyaaaa.....politics so dirty and they have the dirtiest people playing it in our Country. They gamble on our tax-payers money and their stakes are high. Its our lives and our future (all and sundry) they are gambling with.

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